Curtains for me!

Woohoo! Finally…..after licking and dabbing with paint in various places around the house I get to complete the curtains for our bedroom. Our bedroom needs lick of paint too, maybe it will be done soon…maybe I will find other rooms to do first…like big man’s who wants it blue with green army type stuff on…….well onto the curtains anyway.

Hmmm yes well the old ones were so old that they were literally falling apart and were almost thread bare on the parts where they are pulled together. I’m quite ashamed to admit that by the way! I don’t think they are even usable as dog beds!!

I have had this fabric for sometime now but like I said other things kept cropping up.

You can see that the underneath set are quite see-through but I did love that colour soooooo much and really neeeeeded it and it matched our bed cover so well 😉 ….so another set had to go over the top. Now when closed there will be no peeping from outside whatsoever!

Big man and I have been making lemonade too. Yum! Here’s the recipe if you want to have a go 😉 It’s supposed to serve 5. By the way we added extra water as it was too sharp for Big man. A large jug went in our fridge. A couple of hours later it had vanished like magic!

  • 4 lemons, juiced
  • 1L (1 3/4 pints) water
  • 100g (4 oz) caster sugar
In a 2 litre jug, combine the lemon juice, water and sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Chill in refrigerator. (for the sake of disappearing links)

Sewing snakes again and a little embroidery…

I have been making a bean bag today. Designed as a form of light pressure on the knee. Hopefully, to help somebody sit still enough to write things down.

Little man wasn’t really interested in those to be honest. He was interested in the leftovers though!
His comments were “Oooooh what’s this bit going to be? I could make something with that bit too” and “Muuuuum can I make a snake…..pleeeeeze?”

Little man does play with these snakes that we make, a LOT to be fair. He has one of those springy up type of baskets in his room. The kind you are supposed to put your dirty clothes into. You guessed, it’s full to the brim of snakes of all sizes. Each time I sew I am talked into helping make one of these snakes. Today I am letting Little hands do the work, while I get onto cutting out these bean bags. Does he remember how to make a snake? Of course, we have hundreds of these things!

We shared scissors, pencil, ruler well everything really. I don’t know why because we have more than one of each. Maybe I was lazy and couldn’t be bothered to get more out of the cupboard. It gave us chance to watch what each other was doing and to chat as we went too.

Littleman makes another snake

Little man sat on my knee to guide the fabric as usual. He’s getting quite good at it now!

So some off-cut fabric had life breathed into it in the form of a rattle snake…..bits of rice in a little container sewed into the tail and he cut a LONG strip of felt for a tongue. I added some beads for eyes whilst he jumped around the room in excitement….. then it was done! Welcome to our world little snakey who doesn’t even have a name yet!

I made a boring oversized beanbag with covers but I did have a lot of fun watching my Little man creating 😉

I have been dabbling with hand embroidery after reading the Jan/Dec issue of STITCH. The embroidery I have been stitching quietly each night has been finished. Here it is in all it’s glory (can’t you tell I’m proud;-D).

February2011 019

It’s a little different from the magazine but who says you can’t put your own stamp on something! I should really get into making into a cushion cover. It was originally a pillow case with a hole in it. Rescued from the rag-bag by my cunning hand and a rather bent needle.
Shocking I know but it’s the only one I could find with a sharp enough point and with a big enough eye to take the silks! I usually only use it for tacking purposes on soft furnishing type fabric.I’m going to the market today to buy some zips if memory lets me I will get a pack while I’m there!

Little people are on half term hols this week. By the weather we are getting I should think a great amount of time will be spent splashing in puddles and creating things. It’s all good 😉 Hope you are having fun too.

Sweet nothings

Clips and hair grips, flowers and bows isn’t that what being a little girl is all about? I have been making some of these for the little ones in our family.

February2011 027

Not terribly time-consuming at all. In fact it takes just a few minutes! I learned this from a book that I picked up in the library but you can actually see it being done here on videojug, which would have made life easier had I seen it first!

I also crocheted this up over Christmas. A bit here and a bit there. I pulled it out of the bag today to sew the seams and finish it off. It will be on its way to a new baby girl very soon. Congratulations to all families with newborns 😉 My thoughts are with you and how I really don’t miss night feeding!

crochet baby cardigan

Last-minute makes….

We are enjoying our Christmas Eve and I hope you enjoy yours, wherever in the world you may be.

I just wanted to share with you a few last-minute makes….

…a fluffy snakey pencil-case for Little man and little bags for three little girls to put their dolly things into…
zipped bags

mince pies, jam tarts and brownies

…mince pies, strawberry jam tarts and chocolate brownie.

Now I have to say that I did make some mince pies the other day. Little man wasn’t up for it as he was feeling a bit under the weather. I however, disappeared into the kitchen and made the most unpleasant pies you could dream of. Not intentionally of course! I got the mix wrong from the beginning, having being shouted every couple of minutes from the depths of the living room. The pastry turned to some kind of gloopy chewing gum. How on earth?? To top it off I burnt them. Big sighs and a return to the living room with a cup of tea. Sorry visitors, who didn’t have any!

 So until today nobody has mentioned more mince pies. Little man was on a chair next to me singing Christmas songs like a little angel. It must have been the singing that made it all better. These are lovely, light, crumbly textured little delights. My little man made all the stars to top them with too. All packed into tins now so they won’t be munched too soon! Says me who already ate two!

cheese flan

…and cheese flan. Mmmm, my most fave of all!

I will be busy lurking around upstairs with wrapping paper and tape for a bit now. This is the hard bit… where did I hide everything so it was safe from everybody else in the house, errrrmmm…

Have a fab Christmas everybody. See you back here soon. X

The needlewoman

I have put this project off again and again. More needy things have crept up. I’m still planning on stitching it, when time lets me!

Due to requests, I have scanned the magazine onto flickr so the instructions can be read and enjoyed by others. It’s an old magazine, out of print and unobtainable for purchase. It’s such a shame to hide the images away in the top of my wardrobe when other people can use them.

Dragon front cover
Dragon pattern 1
Dragon pattern 2

I have also included the pencil transfer I made, since the original was missing.

dragon transfer

If you get around to stitching this up, i’d love to see your pictures.

My sewing circle

I have to tell you about this. A new site out there called My sewing circle. It’s like ravelry but for sewists like us, how cool! It’s free to join the sewing community and you will meet lots of new people too.

Is this just what we need or what! Spread the word and come and join in the fun! x

Sewing machine pictures

Like I said you don’t need to be an artist if you don’t want to be! I’m no expert but this is the way I do it.

You will need;

A sewing machine
Coloured thread of your choice
Some kind of fabric to put your picture on (not stretch)
Starch (I buy mine but I know some people make their own earth friendly version) or an embroidery hoop
Water soluble pen to mark the picture on the fabric
A picture to sew

For your picture…draw one if you are artistic…If you aren’t, no prob get out a children’s colouring book or just find a picture that you like and trace over it so that you don’t ruin the original picture. (I use grease-proof paper from the kitchen because it’s easy to see through.) If you can copy it on your printer that may make it easier for you.


Wash the piece of fabric that you are going to use for your picture, dry and starch it. The starch is going to help it keep it’s shape whilst you sew. You can wash it out later when your picture is complete.


Now you need to put your fabric over the picture to trace the picture though, using the water-soluble pen. You could use a light box if you have one…I don’t, everything gets taped to the window here! There are various ways to transfer pictures to fabric. This is the way I do it. You could google it if you wanted.





With a transfer on fabric, You can sew this two ways.

1. Drop the feed dogs on the machine and use free-motion sewing. If you aren’t used to this type of sewing (it can take a little practice) you could do it this way instead.

2. Leave the feed dogs as they are. Put the stitch length to very short. Use a foot so that you will be able to see the front, where you are about to sew.
At this point I make a cuppa, you want to be relaxed when you sew these pictures or you will have jerky lines, lumps and bumps.


Ok? Let’s sew. There really isn’t much to it. Follow the lines. Try not to break the thread off at the end of a line. If you do, tie it off underneath straight away to keep the underneath free. sew over other lines to get to other pieces that you want to sew. Use straight stitch, zig-zag whatever you fancy. Just have fun and create!




Give it a squirt with some water to get rid of the soluble pen marks or wash it if you want to get rid of the starch. Press with and iron (no steam) then admire your handiwork 😉


You could do this on clothes too and give them a new look, drawstring bags for the kids, little zipped make up bags, even patches over holes! Anything at all really, the list is endless…let your mind go! Most important HAVE FUN!

You could go a step further if you really wanted and embellish your picture with seed beads or a bit of hand embroidery etc. X

Just for the sake of pretty butterflies, here are the coasters that I made some time ago that live on our coffee table.

butterfly coasters