Plum Crumble microwave or oven, as you please

After finding a plum-tree with just a few plums on we decided to keep a few for this rather tasty crumble.

Did you ever play this game;

Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggarman, thief.

Lady, baby, gypsy, queen, elephant, monkey, tangerine.

It’s where you count the fruit stones as you eat your share of the crumble. If you have say four stones you become a sailor queen or with five stones, a rich elephant. Well that’s how we play. There isn’t a winner just a laugh as you eat your pudding. If you want to tell fortunes with them you can read about it here

So anyway, back to the fruit crumble. A simple recipe with easy ingredients to throw together in an instant.

microwave plum crumble

1 or two handfuls of plums or frut of some kind mixed with a tablespoon of sugar (depending on the sharpness of the fruit really), placed in a microwavable bowl. I use my guess the weight method. Usually the mix is half butter to flour with a bit of sugar to sweeten it. This, I agree doesn’t make much sense to the average cook so here are the proper weights.

6 oz flour, supposed to be plain but I have used self raising without any prob so whatever is in the cupboard

3 oz butter

2 oz sugar

Rub the flour and butter together until they look like breadcrumbs. Mix the sugar through. Place on top of the fruit. Press down lightly then ruffle the top with your fingertips.

Bake for 20-30 minutes.  180 °C / 350 °F / Gas 4.  or until top is lightly brown and fruit juice is bubbling up through the crumble.

Or you can put it in the microwave on full power for about 4-5 mins. Which makes for a very quick pud but obviously isn’t as crispy or brown.

microwave plum crumble

Pour custard over and eat up. Mind the pips you don’t want to miss out on being a lady thief (pudding stealer!) in the game above!

Before I leave you all for today I want to say HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY MUM for your special day last week. Sorry it’s late on here but since we were with you I don’t suppose it would matter 😀 Hope you had a fantastic day, love from all of us here in Wales. XXX



Hmmmm yes. My blog has been for a little while.  Life gets busy sometimes and I think to myself, “yes I will blog about that.” Then it doesn’t quite happen! It’s been crazy around here and I missed blogging our Easter hols and Little Man’s 7th Birthday, how mean of me! I added a few pics for you to catch up….

We visited some bluebell woods in Wales not far from our caravan. They smelt beautiful to say the least. We tiptoed through them so that we didn’t trample or spoil them.

Copy (2) of PICT0150

Copy (2) of PICT0152Copy (2) of PICT0153

We found a freshly mown field up the hill to picnic in. This was one little corner of it.

Little Man finds it amusing to steal the camera whilst i’m putting my shoes back on, ready for the last leg of our ramble! I ended up chasing him to get it back. It all ended up with a tickle fight and a lot of giggles. Little Man managed to get his finger in the way and chop my head off all in one photo ha ha!


Whenever we set up camp some ducks or other seem to find us!


Choosing which Easter Egg to eat first was a hard decision….PICT0128We found time to colour in the packaging and make whirly snakes to hang up.

We all felt like this some of the time, especially after one of our long walks!
We had fun digging on the beach.

Little Man who really isn’t Little anymore was 7. After 3 years of hankering after a Hornby train set. All his dreams came true ;-D
Blowing out candles was exciting…PICT0201

…but then realising that the cake I had made had a painting of his “most favouritest train ever” on it, was just the best!
Little Big Man found the left over icing bag from the decorating of the cake and re-designed the kitchen which made me smile.


Possibly the happiest boy in the world

…with his “most favouritest train ever”

A very long post but I hope you are still awake. Happy belated Easter to you. We hope you had a lovely time wherever you were and whatever you did.

 Happy belated 7th Birthday Big Fella XXX

Also for today, a Happy Birthday to my good friend Mrs. J. XXX

Next time, a recipe that I have been hording….

Sewing snakes again and a little embroidery…

I have been making a bean bag today. Designed as a form of light pressure on the knee. Hopefully, to help somebody sit still enough to write things down.

Little man wasn’t really interested in those to be honest. He was interested in the leftovers though!
His comments were “Oooooh what’s this bit going to be? I could make something with that bit too” and “Muuuuum can I make a snake…..pleeeeeze?”

Little man does play with these snakes that we make, a LOT to be fair. He has one of those springy up type of baskets in his room. The kind you are supposed to put your dirty clothes into. You guessed, it’s full to the brim of snakes of all sizes. Each time I sew I am talked into helping make one of these snakes. Today I am letting Little hands do the work, while I get onto cutting out these bean bags. Does he remember how to make a snake? Of course, we have hundreds of these things!

We shared scissors, pencil, ruler well everything really. I don’t know why because we have more than one of each. Maybe I was lazy and couldn’t be bothered to get more out of the cupboard. It gave us chance to watch what each other was doing and to chat as we went too.

Littleman makes another snake

Little man sat on my knee to guide the fabric as usual. He’s getting quite good at it now!

So some off-cut fabric had life breathed into it in the form of a rattle snake…..bits of rice in a little container sewed into the tail and he cut a LONG strip of felt for a tongue. I added some beads for eyes whilst he jumped around the room in excitement….. then it was done! Welcome to our world little snakey who doesn’t even have a name yet!

I made a boring oversized beanbag with covers but I did have a lot of fun watching my Little man creating 😉

I have been dabbling with hand embroidery after reading the Jan/Dec issue of STITCH. The embroidery I have been stitching quietly each night has been finished. Here it is in all it’s glory (can’t you tell I’m proud;-D).

February2011 019

It’s a little different from the magazine but who says you can’t put your own stamp on something! I should really get into making into a cushion cover. It was originally a pillow case with a hole in it. Rescued from the rag-bag by my cunning hand and a rather bent needle.
Shocking I know but it’s the only one I could find with a sharp enough point and with a big enough eye to take the silks! I usually only use it for tacking purposes on soft furnishing type fabric.I’m going to the market today to buy some zips if memory lets me I will get a pack while I’m there!

Little people are on half term hols this week. By the weather we are getting I should think a great amount of time will be spent splashing in puddles and creating things. It’s all good 😉 Hope you are having fun too.

Making more circles and telling the time

This weeks home-school is of more circle making and telling the time. 

Using a compass to draw circles again. A fairly difficult task for smaller hands. Is it easier to turn the compass or the paper?

Today we made our clock face, glued numbers on and stuck on some fingers with a brad. We have talked about how many seconds in a min etc.

We watched the seconds hand on our clock tick round and timed how long it takes to do things like pick up a pair of shoes and how many seconds it takes to get up stairs. I was particularly interested that it took a whole 2 mins to boil enough water in the kettle for my cup of tea! Ha ha!

We will be looking at counting in 5’s next since each mark on the clock is 5 mins. That’s for next weekend though, we are busy playing tomorrow, it is Sunday after all!


Oooohh, babe it’s cold outside!!! More ice and frost than snow, hence us mostly inside watching rather than playing in it!

We have been keeping busy with all kinds here, remember these snowflakes from last year? This time round we have embarked on a new adventure, soap making or rather soap melting and decorating. Some of our soaps have these tiny snowflakes inside them…

making tree soap decs

making tree soap decs

You simply have to try these super snow globe soaps from alpha mom with your kids, or by yourself if you fancy! What fun we had making those for the teachers and our friends!

making tree soap decs

Tree soap

I made the yearly wreaths too. Hubby and I went sliding on the ice to gather holly. What fun we had. All that fun isn’t just for little kids you know!

Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath

Some things that I’ve found and loved…

…a delicious circle sweater*enter me, the fiber junkie* here.

and a book to ummm and ahhhh over…here

I hope you are all having Christmassy fun. We are on a mince-pie make today. They will be ready for some of our friends who are visiting later on.

Merry early Christmas everybody 😉

Just to get you all up and dancing round your tree, here’s the song I was listening to on the radio as I wrote this post! Thought I’d find it on youtube and share it with you. 

The famous Quo aren’t doing too bad at busking in this video are they! Tee hee!

Felting and a colour wheel

Here is the felted fabric that little man and I created last weekend…


What fun we had, sloshing about in the soapy suds! It didn’t however felt as I’d hoped it would (we were at the sink for ages, the water probably wasn’t hot enough) so we shoved it into the washing machine on a hot wash for about 20 mins with some old towels. Hey presto! Felted without fuss!

Love, love, love! Will I felt anything again? Yes, we had such fun. I probably wouldn’t have tried it but for having my grubby soapy mitts on the Chicks in Sticks book. I’m seriously considering crocheting the hoodie pattern from it too.

Little man and I are busy cutting and sewing the little pocket where the hooks will go. If you are thinking of felting, give it a whirl. You will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome, I’m sure 😉

crochet hook case



The study of colour is pushing us to create this colour wheel. We are going to pin it up to use when we do other projects. It will help my little man determine colours that can make his work stand out by using contrasting colours like yellow and purple. Also the colours that sit together in harmony on the wheel like yellow, orange and red.

We have talked about primary colours and the secondary ones that you can mix from the primary ones, by using the same amount of each primary.

using a compass

making a colour wheel
making a colour wheel

I think we may make ‘pop art’ to show contrast of colour in the next week or so. This continues the use of a compass, measuring and a steady hand to get a good circle! My little man seems to find it easier to turn the paper instead of the compass itself. The point has to be embedded into newspaper or card to keep it from moving too:-)

Tapestry vs Crochet

Some time ago I had been handed a bag of tapestry wool by my good friend, Mrs J.

I’m not really into creating tapestry but have been hanging on to it for a love of the colours and not wanting to waste it. Using some of the darker colours to darn wool socks was ok but I thought not really a good enough a job to do them justice.

Each weekend I home school my little man for at least an hour a day on things that are creative as well as the reading, writing and maths. We have been looking at colours recently. With lots of messy mixing of paint, checking out the colours that each season produces. Also the primary colours that each colour may be made up of etc.

 This bag of tapestry wool was pulled from the cupboard and little man explored the colours and texture of the wool. He arranged them into rainbows and stringy pictures on the floor which sent my mind into overdrive. We have mixed paint but what about wool? Seriously now, I am not going to use these for tapestries so how about some crochet? Ok something useable for me! Ha ha! I can teach about colour and how they mix and get something useful out of this. I really do need a crochet hook case, mine live in a plastic bag in a drawer, hooray!

Little man has been crocheting (on my knee with a bit of help) some of this blanket for his bed. It’s taking a long time so whilst he’s at school I do a couple of rows here and there.

crochet blanket 005

So back to the hook case…spotted some time earlier in this book from the library, Chicks with sticks guide to crochet. This is a great book by the way. It’s not just for beginners. It’s full of interesting patterns and lots of info.

Chicks with Sticks Guide to Crochet, The: Learn to Crochet with More Than 30 Cool, Easy Patterns

We get to work. Little man arranged the colours of autumn-yeah I know it’s like winter now and I’m still behind with all that! We have yellow, brown and reddish-purple for leaves, a bit of green, dull blues for sky and mustard-gold for sun. One strand of tapestry wool isn’t really thick enough to be getting on quickly with so we have used two. Overlapping colours with other colours to make a kind of random stripey, patterned ball of wool. Crocheted together, side by side and on my knee some of the time. Nice, very nice…well we think so!




Got to get on with the felting of it next Saturday, hot soapy water and two pairs of rubber gloves. I can see more water on us than in the bowl but that’s the fun of it. I have never felted before, apart from by accident in the washing machine! The stitches are quite imperfect but it doesn’t matter. I can’t wait to see the stitches melting away into a lush fabric. That’s if it works!! I guess I’m just a fiber junkie at heart.