Sweet nothings

Clips and hair grips, flowers and bows isn’t that what being a little girl is all about? I have been making some of these for the little ones in our family.

February2011 027

Not terribly time-consuming at all. In fact it takes just a few minutes! I learned this from a book that I picked up in the library but you can actually see it being done here on videojug, which would have made life easier had I seen it first!

I also crocheted this up over Christmas. A bit here and a bit there. I pulled it out of the bag today to sew the seams and finish it off. It will be on its way to a new baby girl very soon. Congratulations to all families with newborns 😉 My thoughts are with you and how I really don’t miss night feeding!

crochet baby cardigan


Felting and a colour wheel

Here is the felted fabric that little man and I created last weekend…


What fun we had, sloshing about in the soapy suds! It didn’t however felt as I’d hoped it would (we were at the sink for ages, the water probably wasn’t hot enough) so we shoved it into the washing machine on a hot wash for about 20 mins with some old towels. Hey presto! Felted without fuss!

Love, love, love! Will I felt anything again? Yes, we had such fun. I probably wouldn’t have tried it but for having my grubby soapy mitts on the Chicks in Sticks book. I’m seriously considering crocheting the hoodie pattern from it too.

Little man and I are busy cutting and sewing the little pocket where the hooks will go. If you are thinking of felting, give it a whirl. You will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome, I’m sure 😉

crochet hook case



The study of colour is pushing us to create this colour wheel. We are going to pin it up to use when we do other projects. It will help my little man determine colours that can make his work stand out by using contrasting colours like yellow and purple. Also the colours that sit together in harmony on the wheel like yellow, orange and red.

We have talked about primary colours and the secondary ones that you can mix from the primary ones, by using the same amount of each primary.

using a compass

making a colour wheel
making a colour wheel

I think we may make ‘pop art’ to show contrast of colour in the next week or so. This continues the use of a compass, measuring and a steady hand to get a good circle! My little man seems to find it easier to turn the paper instead of the compass itself. The point has to be embedded into newspaper or card to keep it from moving too:-)

Tapestry vs Crochet

Some time ago I had been handed a bag of tapestry wool by my good friend, Mrs J.

I’m not really into creating tapestry but have been hanging on to it for a love of the colours and not wanting to waste it. Using some of the darker colours to darn wool socks was ok but I thought not really a good enough a job to do them justice.

Each weekend I home school my little man for at least an hour a day on things that are creative as well as the reading, writing and maths. We have been looking at colours recently. With lots of messy mixing of paint, checking out the colours that each season produces. Also the primary colours that each colour may be made up of etc.

 This bag of tapestry wool was pulled from the cupboard and little man explored the colours and texture of the wool. He arranged them into rainbows and stringy pictures on the floor which sent my mind into overdrive. We have mixed paint but what about wool? Seriously now, I am not going to use these for tapestries so how about some crochet? Ok something useable for me! Ha ha! I can teach about colour and how they mix and get something useful out of this. I really do need a crochet hook case, mine live in a plastic bag in a drawer, hooray!

Little man has been crocheting (on my knee with a bit of help) some of this blanket for his bed. It’s taking a long time so whilst he’s at school I do a couple of rows here and there.

crochet blanket 005

So back to the hook case…spotted some time earlier in this book from the library, Chicks with sticks guide to crochet. This is a great book by the way. It’s not just for beginners. It’s full of interesting patterns and lots of info.

Chicks with Sticks Guide to Crochet, The: Learn to Crochet with More Than 30 Cool, Easy Patterns

We get to work. Little man arranged the colours of autumn-yeah I know it’s like winter now and I’m still behind with all that! We have yellow, brown and reddish-purple for leaves, a bit of green, dull blues for sky and mustard-gold for sun. One strand of tapestry wool isn’t really thick enough to be getting on quickly with so we have used two. Overlapping colours with other colours to make a kind of random stripey, patterned ball of wool. Crocheted together, side by side and on my knee some of the time. Nice, very nice…well we think so!




Got to get on with the felting of it next Saturday, hot soapy water and two pairs of rubber gloves. I can see more water on us than in the bowl but that’s the fun of it. I have never felted before, apart from by accident in the washing machine! The stitches are quite imperfect but it doesn’t matter. I can’t wait to see the stitches melting away into a lush fabric. That’s if it works!! I guess I’m just a fiber junkie at heart.

Crochet slippers

Yes I can’t help it i’m a slipper person! As soon as I get in the house I want to kick off my shoes and get out my comfy slippers. Well mine are full of holes, almost more hole than slipper! There’s not much cash spare at the moment with Christmas coming up and all so I set to work finding a pattern.

A hunt on the internet and a wander around ravelry sorted me out with this. It’s not a pattern, more of a how to make one for yourself. If you aren’t on ravelry you can see on Made in Hagn blog.

I dipped into the bag of spare wools and came out with this grey. I never wore grey until last year. I bought a cardigan in the sale for £5 and I fell in love with it. Like most people I wear black, it’s classy, doesn’t date and goes with everything. However, it does make your skin look washed out, unlike grey…not that slippers matter. I just fancied grey. I can feel a whisper of “Oh get on with it woman, stop waffling!”

Right oh…..where were we? I found my slipper pattern thing and some wool and off I went with a size 4mm hook. Three hours later I was wearing my new slippers.

slippers 001

slippers 002

Pattern Info…

Really sweet slippers and I will make more. I used a 4mm hook and what looks like dk wool (Left overs from a sweater that I recycled).

My feet are uk7. I started with a chain of 20, maybe knock a few off next time as they were a bit big. I threw them in the dryer for 10 mins and now they fit ok! I also threaded some ribbon through to make sure they didn’t go baggy and fall off.

Next time i’m using a slightly smaller hook but these worked out great 😉

Hope you have a great weekend everybody. I’m off to make a mess with my little man and some paint…

A special birthday and other things…

I need to get things back in order here. Now this was the last thing I was making…


Whooo hoooo! Done at last! You should take a look at all the talent in yougogirl’s flickr pool.

Many things have happened since I began it. Hubby has had his hernia operated on and most of my time has been spent nursing but not all of it. I have been studying for my maths exam, which is coming up soon. I have also been spending a lot of time with my little man who is growing up so quickly. I want to spend as much time as possible with him before he gets too big!

Going back ages now, my little fella made another snake. He named him rainbow snake. I often find him wrapped around little fella in the morning when he wakes up. It’s official-he’s snake mad!

rainbow snake
rainbow snake
rainbow snake
rainbow snake
rainbow snake

The last picture was a bit dark and dingy looking sorry about the poor lighting!

So the snake mad theme was brought into the birthday cake for yesterday when my little fella was super six. Six years old-where has the time gone? (*sigh*)

A great time was had by all. Thanks to everybody for coming and bringing such lovely cards and presents. I will leave you with pictures of snakey cake for now.

snakey cake
snakey cake
snakey cake
snakey cake

See you soon. x

On the edge with a crochet along…

Cassie from You go girl! is hosting a crochet along for those neat handmade edgings that you see on pillowcases. I am joining in, although it might take me longer since the hand is still healing. I can hang onto a crochet hook so that will do me!

Look here for the first week’s instructions…….chocolates-gotta get the chocs! Oh yeah, what else did Cassie say to have?!?

I found this how-to on thread banger by Cal Patch. Pretty awesome!

Let’s get hookin’…

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