Sponge cake drops

Big man came home from school last week asking for cakes to take to school. They are having a fair he goes on to say, and I need to take cakes to sell so I can make lots of money. The money is going to WWF so our class can buy some animals. We are GETTING a penguin and an orange tang(orangu-tan)!! He shouts with excitement!

Ha ha, sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh…. where are you going to keep them then? In your class room? Er…..i’m not sure. Was his reply. We had to go through the whole shebang of why we couldn’t have these animals in our country and the endangered species thing all over again. Big man was obviously confused as they only just studied endangered animals in class. I again explained the process of adopting an animal and how you get pictures posted to you and the money goes to help the animal not to actually buy it! Eventually he agrees it’s a great idea and that we should get on with  baking some cakes to raise some money. So what to make…

Our list;
not fairy cakes because everyone does those
jam tarts
crispie cakes
traybake to slice up
sponge drop cakes sandwiched together
swiss roll to slice up

Oh jeeez this list was endless so after much debating we decided on sponge drops.

I’m not going to write a recipe for sponge mixture, there are tons on the internet for you to choose from. Drop spoonfuls of sponge cake mix onto baking sheets. Bake for 6 mins in oven temp 200°C/180°C with fan/350°F/gas 6

When cooked, cool on baking rack, sandwich together with jam and buttercream. Mmmm nice. If I had time I’d make ….chocolate ones 😉


Here goes for the new year!


I know that I haven’t been here for the past few months, things have been pretty busy but I know some of you have by your lovely emails. I am going to try to update more often, so let this be the new year plan 😉

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year whatever you did and wherever you were. Hubby and I stayed at home, clinked a cup and a glass whilst watching the fireworks outside our house.

We are still recovering from Christmas. Big Man had a Nerf gun from Father Christmas. I usually end up with the wooden bow and arrows and get the hell shot out of me by nerf bullets. We are getting pretty good shots now  though. A trip to the park is in the pipelines. We will have to wear wellies and old clothes though because it’s like a mud bath up there. All the more fun sliding about I suppose. Spare clothes in the car or towels to sit on would be good ;-D……….Did I forget to mention that I am just as crazy as Big Man? If not more so??

Wishing you a peaceful New Year.

BPD. x