Hmmmm yes. My blog has been for a little while.  Life gets busy sometimes and I think to myself, “yes I will blog about that.” Then it doesn’t quite happen! It’s been crazy around here and I missed blogging our Easter hols and Little Man’s 7th Birthday, how mean of me! I added a few pics for you to catch up….

We visited some bluebell woods in Wales not far from our caravan. They smelt beautiful to say the least. We tiptoed through them so that we didn’t trample or spoil them.

Copy (2) of PICT0150

Copy (2) of PICT0152Copy (2) of PICT0153

We found a freshly mown field up the hill to picnic in. This was one little corner of it.

Little Man finds it amusing to steal the camera whilst i’m putting my shoes back on, ready for the last leg of our ramble! I ended up chasing him to get it back. It all ended up with a tickle fight and a lot of giggles. Little Man managed to get his finger in the way and chop my head off all in one photo ha ha!


Whenever we set up camp some ducks or other seem to find us!


Choosing which Easter Egg to eat first was a hard decision….PICT0128We found time to colour in the packaging and make whirly snakes to hang up.

We all felt like this some of the time, especially after one of our long walks!
We had fun digging on the beach.

Little Man who really isn’t Little anymore was 7. After 3 years of hankering after a Hornby train set. All his dreams came true ;-D
Blowing out candles was exciting…PICT0201

…but then realising that the cake I had made had a painting of his “most favouritest train ever” on it, was just the best!
Little Big Man found the left over icing bag from the decorating of the cake and re-designed the kitchen which made me smile.


Possibly the happiest boy in the world

…with his “most favouritest train ever”

A very long post but I hope you are still awake. Happy belated Easter to you. We hope you had a lovely time wherever you were and whatever you did.

 Happy belated 7th Birthday Big Fella XXX

Also for today, a Happy Birthday to my good friend Mrs. J. XXX

Next time, a recipe that I have been hording….