ricotta…hmmmm and rhubarb

We are still eating lots of yogurt here. I haven’t been very successful with making ricotta from the whey though. I have tried twice but both times ended up with a bowl full of whey and nothing in the muslin at the top. Oh well. I still use the left over whey for baking or watering the plants with.

I also made some cottage cheese which did turn out very well but the amount of milk that it took to make a tiny bit, has made me appreciate the shop bought version. The little pots that cottage cheese comes in have been very handy for planting things too. So not all is lost, I will re-use the pots before I recycle them. That makes me feel a bit better about it.

Spring is springing and we have been planting things. I have a window sill of pots and lollysticks, not much to show for them yet though. Under a cloche outside there are seeds sown for radish and spring onions and a few cut and come again salad leaves. Also some rosemary and thyme that I am going to plant in the garden soon. The fruit trees are sprouting leaves and I have a few daffodils in a vase on my kitchen windowsill (only because the dog trampled on them by accident!)

Jade and I are enjoying our daily walk with the sun on our backs and not squelching through deep mud.The mood is happy and peaceful. Little man has been poorly again, another bug. He is at home with me today. We might chalk pictures on the path or do some mixing in the kitchen if he is up to it.

I am searching for rhubarb recipes. It shooted a bit back and we have had crumble and pie but I fancy a bit of a change. Maybe some lemonade or sorbet  or maybe some compote to go with our homemade yogurt 😉

Oh and that left over potato again, I made some basil potato patties which were very yummy!

Hope you are well where ever you are 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Nice to see you’re out and about doing stuff.
    Rhubarb goes great with:
    1.coriander (the seeds not the yucky leaves)
    sometimes with a drop of orange juice(or even a whole orange)
    3.or in our house a few table spoons of Quince jam or jelly in place of the sugar

    Basil potato patties sound interesting but first I have to grow some basil.

  2. Hi, how ya doin?
    Ooooh corriander, I planted some seeds today! I made carrot and corriander soup last wk and am hooked, couldn’t eat the leaves less they were mixed in something though, like you say, a bit soapy. I haven’t had the seeds with rhubarb before. Am I supposed to crush or grind them?
    Had with both orange and ginger..nice.
    Quince jam, likin that idea I still have a jar hiding in the cupboard…out it comes tomorrow ha ha!

    Patties were nice though I don’t like to call them that, really sounds too much like cow pat! As for the basil, I will plant you some since I plan on doing some for me anyway 😉

  3. All good thanks.
    I normally crush the seeds in a pestle & mortar. You could hit it with a rolling pin or something similar if you don’t have one. You can put them in whole but does anyone really want to eat a whole one?
    Try coriander seeds and orange together it’s a really good combination.

  4. We had with quince jam yesterday, was quite nice.

    I’m trying the corriander ground in p&m mixed with orange and the rhubarb with a dollop of yogurt and toasted flaked almonds sprinkled on top today.

    Theres still more on the bush but i’m leaving it to grow a bit now (don’t want to get sick of it!)

    Thanks very much for the great ideas. 🙂

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