Left over mash again…curried what?

It’s left over mash time again. I swear each time I make mashed potato, I do enough extra to make a shepherds pie with. However after the hungary hoards have been at it there isn’t enough to do that with! Right i’m making potato cake type thingies instead….with a twist….

The idea came from something to have with a crunchy salad. Curry came to mind, not sure about this but what have we to lose? 

I mixed together;

some curry powder
1tbl sp flour
a pinch of dried coriander
a garlic clove, crushed then chopped into tiny pieces
a bit of whisked egg (not a whole one I used the rest for dipping)
some wholemeal flour for dipping the rounds into. Then mixed it all together.

Dividing the mixture into four. Make a round flat shapes then dip each into the egg then the wholemeal flour. Shallow fry. Easy peasy!

Now what to call them? They aren’t potato cakes or burgers. More like curry patties. Soft and creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside (sounds a bit like a cream egg! Ha ha!). Well call them whatever you will.

Sorry I didn’t take pictures, I forgot and then they were all eaten up!

They are delicious and go very well indeed with a good salad. Will I make them again? You bet! Watch out mash, here I come ;-D


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