Making more circles and telling the time

This weeks home-school is of more circle making and telling the time. 

Using a compass to draw circles again. A fairly difficult task for smaller hands. Is it easier to turn the compass or the paper?

Today we made our clock face, glued numbers on and stuck on some fingers with a brad. We have talked about how many seconds in a min etc.

We watched the seconds hand on our clock tick round and timed how long it takes to do things like pick up a pair of shoes and how many seconds it takes to get up stairs. I was particularly interested that it took a whole 2 mins to boil enough water in the kettle for my cup of tea! Ha ha!

We will be looking at counting in 5’s next since each mark on the clock is 5 mins. That’s for next weekend though, we are busy playing tomorrow, it is Sunday after all!


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