Fish Cakes (or cleverly disguised leftovers)

When we have mash for tea there’s always a bit left over. Even if I think that I made enough extra to top a shepherd’s pie or something there’s never really quite enough for that. I have made up a lot of recipes in the past, disguising the leftovers as something else or thickening soups etc with it. Today its fish cakes.

I’m sorry that I didn’t weigh anything but I never really weigh leftovers since they are for using up anyway.

Fish Cakes

I had about 2 handfuls of mashed potatoes from yesterday, use whatever you have.

about 2 tbl sp cooked spring cabbage (also from yesterday, if I had carrots or other veg I’d have used that as well or instead of)

3 pieces haddock from the freezer, defrosted and cut into very small pieces

couple of sprigs fresh parsley from the windowsill, chopped (you could use dried if you have it. Or miss it out all together if you don’t. Ditto with the lemon)

1/2 lemon

1 egg, beaten

a bit of flour

a crust from the top of a loaf of bread, whizzed up to make breadcrumbs(I have made them without breadcrumbs before, just use flour and egg. They came out ok too.)

salt and pepper

Put the potato and the cabbage into a large bowl with the parsley, salt and pepper, grated lemon rind a tbl spoon of beaten egg and a tbl sp flour (a bit more of either the egg or flour if you need it). Using a fork, give it all a good mix up. Then add the fish and mix gently through. Try not to mix it too much if you don’t want the fish to break up too much.

Put the remains of the egg in a bowl (add a small amount of milk if you need it to go a bit further). Put some flour into another bowl and the breadcrumbs spread on a large plate. Have a spare plate ready to put the finished fish cakes onto.

Turn yourself into a conveyor belt and go for it! If you have another person around it’s very helpful at this stage, if not then you will just have to alternate between plates.

Get a spoonful of mixture (I used an ice cream scoop so they were all the same size), make into a ball then flatten a bit. Flour the flattened shape then dip it in the egg. Press breadcrumbs all over then put it onto the clean plate at the end. I hope that makes sense, sorry I didn’t take pictures, my hands were  full!

fish cakes, before cooking

Fry the fish cakes in a little oil then squeeze the lemon over the top. I had a big salad with mine, the boys had chips. Be healthy or not, depends how you feel really!



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