Oooohh, babe it’s cold outside!!! More ice and frost than snow, hence us mostly inside watching rather than playing in it!

We have been keeping busy with all kinds here, remember these snowflakes from last year? This time round we have embarked on a new adventure, soap making or rather soap melting and decorating. Some of our soaps have these tiny snowflakes inside them…

making tree soap decs

making tree soap decs

You simply have to try these super snow globe soaps from alpha mom with your kids, or by yourself if you fancy! What fun we had making those for the teachers and our friends!

making tree soap decs

Tree soap

I made the yearly wreaths too. Hubby and I went sliding on the ice to gather holly. What fun we had. All that fun isn’t just for little kids you know!

Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath

Some things that I’ve found and loved…

…a delicious circle sweater*enter me, the fiber junkie* here.

and a book to ummm and ahhhh over…here

I hope you are all having Christmassy fun. We are on a mince-pie make today. They will be ready for some of our friends who are visiting later on.

Merry early Christmas everybody 😉

Just to get you all up and dancing round your tree, here’s the song I was listening to on the radio as I wrote this post! Thought I’d find it on youtube and share it with you. 

The famous Quo aren’t doing too bad at busking in this video are they! Tee hee!


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