Felting and a colour wheel

Here is the felted fabric that little man and I created last weekend…


What fun we had, sloshing about in the soapy suds! It didn’t however felt as I’d hoped it would (we were at the sink for ages, the water probably wasn’t hot enough) so we shoved it into the washing machine on a hot wash for about 20 mins with some old towels. Hey presto! Felted without fuss!

Love, love, love! Will I felt anything again? Yes, we had such fun. I probably wouldn’t have tried it but for having my grubby soapy mitts on the Chicks in Sticks book. I’m seriously considering crocheting the hoodie pattern from it too.

Little man and I are busy cutting and sewing the little pocket where the hooks will go. If you are thinking of felting, give it a whirl. You will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome, I’m sure 😉

crochet hook case



The study of colour is pushing us to create this colour wheel. We are going to pin it up to use when we do other projects. It will help my little man determine colours that can make his work stand out by using contrasting colours like yellow and purple. Also the colours that sit together in harmony on the wheel like yellow, orange and red.

We have talked about primary colours and the secondary ones that you can mix from the primary ones, by using the same amount of each primary.

using a compass

making a colour wheel
making a colour wheel

I think we may make ‘pop art’ to show contrast of colour in the next week or so. This continues the use of a compass, measuring and a steady hand to get a good circle! My little man seems to find it easier to turn the paper instead of the compass itself. The point has to be embedded into newspaper or card to keep it from moving too:-)


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