Crochet slippers

Yes I can’t help it i’m a slipper person! As soon as I get in the house I want to kick off my shoes and get out my comfy slippers. Well mine are full of holes, almost more hole than slipper! There’s not much cash spare at the moment with Christmas coming up and all so I set to work finding a pattern.

A hunt on the internet and a wander around ravelry sorted me out with this. It’s not a pattern, more of a how to make one for yourself. If you aren’t on ravelry you can see on Made in Hagn blog.

I dipped into the bag of spare wools and came out with this grey. I never wore grey until last year. I bought a cardigan in the sale for £5 and I fell in love with it. Like most people I wear black, it’s classy, doesn’t date and goes with everything. However, it does make your skin look washed out, unlike grey…not that slippers matter. I just fancied grey. I can feel a whisper of “Oh get on with it woman, stop waffling!”

Right oh…..where were we? I found my slipper pattern thing and some wool and off I went with a size 4mm hook. Three hours later I was wearing my new slippers.

slippers 001

slippers 002

Pattern Info…

Really sweet slippers and I will make more. I used a 4mm hook and what looks like dk wool (Left overs from a sweater that I recycled).

My feet are uk7. I started with a chain of 20, maybe knock a few off next time as they were a bit big. I threw them in the dryer for 10 mins and now they fit ok! I also threaded some ribbon through to make sure they didn’t go baggy and fall off.

Next time i’m using a slightly smaller hook but these worked out great 😉

Hope you have a great weekend everybody. I’m off to make a mess with my little man and some paint…


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