It’s autumn, AUTUMN? Where did summer go??

It’s been strange this year, I seem to have missed out blogging the summer, never mind it’s autumn now and maybe it’s time to catch up a bit.

It’s been ages since I wrote a post here, I keep starting and never finishing them. Really very naughty of me as you are all visiting and emailing me still.

I have made some jam this year with foraging finds of cherry, damson, blackberry and apple. All of which have been lovely…not that we ate them all of course, some are squirreled away for the winter! My freezer is full of pies and crumbles and as the wintry days draw ever closer I am tidying the garden, trimming plants and sorting pots for next year. I cut these last sunflowers from their plant the other day just before the frost came to ruin them all. This was the view of my kitchen window.


I have vowed this year that the next summer we will be eating peppers, spring onions, lettuce and maybe our own tomatoes. Sowing and planting is marked on the calendar for next year! These were some of the things that we grew…mmmm much better than the shops if I do say so myself 😉



We have been painting, cooking and getting down right dirty in between all the other things that happen around here.

leaf prints

mix my paint

leaf printing mess!




spider cake


spider cake

This thing I have about mushrooms and toadstools is getting worse! Shrooms everywhere! *not to be picked and eaten!* I don’t know what it is about them, honest. I’m just so taken with them, enticing, magical, fairytale-ish? Each type so different from the next…

autumn 004

autumn 006

autumn 002

Last but by far the least, laid on my belly in the grass clicking pictures… I leave you for today with my most favourite mushroom picture ever, no more than 2cm tall…

tiny mushroom!