Welsh holiday adventures

After a few weeks away rambling about in the countryside i’m not sure that I want to get back to reality! Oh well, never mind. Here are some pictures taken in Wales.

We spent lots of time on the beach, unfortunately the weather was dull and very cloudy on the days that I remembered to take the camera!

It was hot enough to wear shorts and t-shirts but check out the clouds!


On our visit to Wales we found this tree stump with coins hammered into it. For luck we presume? We hammered a couple in too. Anyway it’s located in the merry little town of Portmerrion.

017 not quite ready yet though something has been munching them!

We found blackberries, hazelnuts, thistles and a hand carved toy water-mill in the stream. I think the person that whittled it must have been camped just by this stream in a tent. It’s really lovely that people still make things like that. The paddles spin around as the running water in the stream catches them. Magic for little people to watch.

whittled water mill

I couldn’t resist taking a quick pic on the way past this theatre….mmm, wonder why?
a theatre in Barmouth

 Also some wild mushroom pictures. I have a bit of a thing about these fungusy balls!-sorry about that! I will stress that I didn’t pick or eat any. I don’t know enough about them for that!


I hope you are all having a happy summer holiday, wherever you are 😉