Cherry picking

I have had my beady eyes on cherry trees by the canal for weeks now. The cherries are swelling into little ripe jewels amongst the greenery. Mostly they are too high and I need to take a ladder with me. I also saw a tree bearing tiny little cherry like fruit that were very sour. I assumed them to be of a wilder type of cherry than i’m used to. My sister found this bird cherry which seems to be the exact tree. They are supposed to be good in cooking ….ripe at the moment but I imagine they will need a lot of sugar with them. I think they’d be better left for the birds and wildlife!

Anyhow I have picked some cherries (more like the eating type) that need to be ripened on the window sill as they are slightly under-coloured. I think a pie is in order…no…cherry and apple jam…cherry crumble…cherry cake…cherry cheesecake…cherry sauce for ice cream…cherry brandy…gosh what to make! I’m putting it to vote with the gang! ;-D


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