So if we are having strawberry jam, what better to have it with than the traditional scone!

I love the smell of them baking, the texture and of course the jam we put on them, mmmmm.  Do you fancy making scones today? Superfast and easy, convinced? Read on…

As you know i’m still working in lbs and oz. Sorry about that to you modern peeps out there. Here’s a weight converter for you.

8oz self-raising flour
1oz butter or cooking margarine(i’m naughty and use butter for cooking!)
1oz sugar
1 egg, beaten
milk to make egg up to 1/4 pint
Pinch of salt

Preheat your oven to 220 C.

Sieve the flour into a large bowl. Rub in the butter. Lift the mix with your fingers to introduce as much air as possible. Think light airy thoughts there’s no good knocking the living daylights out of a scone mix unless you enjoy eating hard, heavy rocks of course!

You may want to add a handful of raisins, chopped cherries, chocolate chips or whatever you are fancying at that moment. We are putting jam on them so i’m leaving them plain. Stir in the sugar and a pinch of salt.

Use a jug to beat the egg then make this up to 1/4 pint. (keep a little bit for brushing the tops of the scones with)

Gently mix the egg and milk mixture into the dry ingredients. Pull it together with your hands and place on a floured surface. I never roll scones with a rolling-pin just squash it down until it’s about an inch high (here we go again, back to the converter!) Cut out circles, shape and cut again. Being gentle all the time. If you don’t want to use a cutter or don’t have one, don’t despair. Shape the whole mix into one big round then mark it into sections like you would a pizza.

Place your separate scones or pizza shape on to a tray then brush with the egg that is left. Bake for 10-12 mins or separate scones or 12-15 mins if it’s a pizza shape.

Munch with strawberry jam or however you wish and enjoy ;-D


The thought of many people making these, in their own homes in different parts of the world makes me smile.


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