A top for me!

We have had a lovely time this week. I said that I wouldn’t be doing anything that didn’t need doing but this really, really did! What a pick me up, whew!

I have spent a lot of time sewing for other people lately. Turning up, turning down, letting in or out. Making new, cutting up old…It seemed never-ending to be honest.

SewMamaSew are having a “Make it wear it month” which has given me a nudge to do something for me.  So here it is, my “get knotted top!” Only joking! Ha ha ha!

new top

It’s from a free pattern on the burda site. I just spent ages looking for it but they seem to be having a change about over there and I can’t find it to link to, sorry about that. If you want to sew it too, I have saved a copy of the pattern(which was in the free section so I don’t think i’m breaking any rules by that, if so please let me know!) and can email it to you. There are plenty of other cool patterns on there too by the way.

It’s soooo easy and fast to make. The most difficulty I had with it was tying knots in the straps that actually looked kind of tidy or the same-ish but opposite(If you know what I mean).

I winged it with the length of the straps, not bad but they could have been an inch shorter for my liking, soon sorted though. Another thing was that I made my size, well as you would expect to do…with this pattern I should have made a size smaller. It’s on the large size to be honest. Maybe it’s to do with it being made from jersey stretchy fabric? Not a prob there though, i’m putting some shirring elastic along the waist line at the back. Only probably 6 inches or so, just to take a bit of the excess away. I am actually sporting a clothes peg at the back, cinching it in, which you can’t see on the picture!

Anyway, I will be happy when the alterations have been made.

A new top and a refreshed feeling that I spent time on myself, doing exactly what I wanted to do! Yay! Probably selfish but so what for once! 😉


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