It’s grown!

It’s taking some time but the hexagon part is finished now. There are hundreds of tiny hand stitches in this, I don’t know if you can see them on the pictures.

I am going to add strips around the edge to make a boarder until it’s pillow sized. Then on to acutally sewing a pillow. As for the chocolates, hmm I had more than my share – ooops! He he!

patchwork 003

patchwork 001

I am a long time behind the crochet along, not to worry. Here’s part 3 where you can add a blanket stitch around the open edge, ready for your crochet. I’m really looking forward to getting on to that bit!

This is the turtle that I was making for little man. He’s a bit cock-eyed in places and he needs beady eyes yet. I have to add that he has been stolen from my sewing bag on more than a few occasions!

patchwork 006

That deep scratch in my leather sofa was caused by a toy car. DEEP BREATH – COUNT TO 10! It’s only a sofa. An old one at that.

I’m off to do some cooking and play with aeroplanes now. Catch you all later. x


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