Patchwork paper pieces

I have been mean in the blogging dept lately. Sorry about that. 

My camera fizzled out and doesn’t play ball anymore. A rather nice person from the local recycling group gave me another, it’s only 1mp but the pictures aren’t too bad. It’s a very old one, large and heavy man! No complaints, just large muscles! – At least we have pictures 😉

I have been learning how to do patchwork paper piecing. Here is the evidence! This is going to be a turtle cushion for the little fellow. He has been watching me stitch it all by hand.

patchwork turtle

What should (if I had a normal hand), take about a quarter of the time that I have taken.
I can only do a few minutes at a time unless I want a lot of pain for the rest of the day. It’s infuriating. I want to get going with it…..

patchwork pieces

patchwork pieces

This is going to be my pillowcase for the crochet along. I’m aware that i’m running well behind schedule but never mind. I really wanted to patchwork it and it makes me happy to know that I will get there in the end! You will find part 2 lots of fun, making the pillowcase itself.

I have been taking many long walks with the dog to walk off the winter podge. It gives me a lift, being out in the open – almost as much as sewing does!

jade march10



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