Happy Valentine’s Day!

We doodled out some pictures with some crayons that we made last week. (old broken crayons, chopped and melted in an ice cube tray, in the microwave)…
crayons, good enough to eat!


…Made a robot and little man learnt how to make pom poms(which I will show you another day)…
pom pom robot

…Gift wrapped this rather cute blanket for one of our neighbour’s new baby grandson… I have sewed for about an hour a day for the past week-yes I said week! Left handed sewing is much more difficult when you are right-handed but the little bundle of joy wasn’t getting away without having something homemade! It’s taken ages to do but I did get there in the end. There are a few wonky lines here and there but never mind, I don’t think he will mind. Since it’s a snuggly one he will be busy sleeping! …
baby quilt

…Played with cars that had been lost under the bed for a while and generally enjoyed being at home…

As for tomorrow…shopping, tidying and an outing with good friends.

Hope you had a happy Valentine’s day too. x


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