Fabric houses and lists

I saw this post a little while ago-then I couldn’t find it! Now it’s popped out of the woodwork again!

I love these little houses. They are too cute. I feel that they need to be more boyish… garage… train station…airport…post office/shop the list is endless. I have two tots that I fancy making these for. It will be later in the year probably.

There are so many projects running around in my head. Here is the first part of my list. I had to divide it into four because it was just too much to think about in one go!

  • slippers
  • the patterns i’ve drawn out from Cal Patch’s book up to now-there will be more! (basic t-shirt, trousers,dress)
  • Some t-shirts to update
  • A pattern for a top that I had for ages and still want to make
  • Summer shirts/shorts/trousers for little fella
  • Have a go at quilting (been wanting to try for a few years now but never had chance)
  • nightdress/pyjamas for us all 
  • fabric houses x at least two!
  • pencil rolls
  • A constant supply of unmentionable birthday presents
  • New bedroom curtains upstairs (yes every room-really!)

At the mention of curtains there will be a little decorating going on too. Little man and his bro are swapping rooms. I have to rid dodgey stripes from one and pooh bear from the other!! My heart misses beats each time I step into the bathroom too, those seem to have been there forever.

There. It doesn’t feel quite as bad now it’s written down;-) These most certainly aren’t in any order by the way!


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