Cal Patch, Design it yourself clothes

This is one cool book! I have read it from cover to cover about four times now!

cal patch's book

I’m really impressed by the way Cal delivers the info. It’s lighthearted and fun. You are supposed to work through the patterns in the book but you can flip back and to. There are alterations to each pattern for different designs too. Cal begins with a simple skirt and leads you all the way to making patterns from clothes that you already own and scaling up and down sizes.

I’m a bit one-handed still but managed to draft out a pattern for a long t-shirt, here are my efforts.

pattern draft

I’m still not able to sew yet but just wait till I get back on the train!
It’s an interesting journey through pattern drafting and i’m very happy that I have it to refer to on my shelf. I don’t know if Cal has any other books on the agenda but i’d be in line for one.

Cal has her own online shop full of really cool creations and her blog page, Hodge Podge Farm has some really original stuff that I like and i’m sure you will too!


4 Responses

  1. I just read this book yesterday and was searching the web to see finished projects from this book when I found this post! It’s great that you have already drafted a pattern, and I look forward to seeing your results. I’m kind of excited about trying out the pants, myself. 🙂

  2. Hi Antoinette.

    I thought the pants look great too but I felt that I should try something a bit easier before having a go at those-brave but not that brave! he he!

    Having said that, the pattern was very simple to draft out. It’s a bit like doing a dot to dot with your own measurements really. Cal explains everything very well too.

    Give it a go, you will surprise yourself for sure 😉 I’d be very interested how yours comes out as well.

  3. wouldn’t mind having a look at this book myself sometime 😉

  4. For sure! You can borrow the curvy ruler too! (It was a great help. Thanks for that. x) 😀

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