Happy Valentine’s Day!

We doodled out some pictures with some crayons that we made last week. (old broken crayons, chopped and melted in an ice cube tray, in the microwave)…
crayons, good enough to eat!


…Made a robot and little man learnt how to make pom poms(which I will show you another day)…
pom pom robot

…Gift wrapped this rather cute blanket for one of our neighbour’s new baby grandson… I have sewed for about an hour a day for the past week-yes I said week! Left handed sewing is much more difficult when you are right-handed but the little bundle of joy wasn’t getting away without having something homemade! It’s taken ages to do but I did get there in the end. There are a few wonky lines here and there but never mind, I don’t think he will mind. Since it’s a snuggly one he will be busy sleeping! …
baby quilt

…Played with cars that had been lost under the bed for a while and generally enjoyed being at home…

As for tomorrow…shopping, tidying and an outing with good friends.

Hope you had a happy Valentine’s day too. x


Fabric houses and lists

I saw this post a little while ago-then I couldn’t find it! Now it’s popped out of the woodwork again!

I love these little houses. They are too cute. I feel that they need to be more boyish… garage… train station…airport…post office/shop the list is endless. I have two tots that I fancy making these for. It will be later in the year probably.

There are so many projects running around in my head. Here is the first part of my list. I had to divide it into four because it was just too much to think about in one go!

  • slippers
  • the patterns i’ve drawn out from Cal Patch’s book up to now-there will be more! (basic t-shirt, trousers,dress)
  • Some t-shirts to update
  • A pattern for a top that I had for ages and still want to make
  • Summer shirts/shorts/trousers for little fella
  • Have a go at quilting (been wanting to try for a few years now but never had chance)
  • nightdress/pyjamas for us all 
  • fabric houses x at least two!
  • pencil rolls
  • A constant supply of unmentionable birthday presents
  • New bedroom curtains upstairs (yes every room-really!)

At the mention of curtains there will be a little decorating going on too. Little man and his bro are swapping rooms. I have to rid dodgey stripes from one and pooh bear from the other!! My heart misses beats each time I step into the bathroom too, those seem to have been there forever.

There. It doesn’t feel quite as bad now it’s written down;-) These most certainly aren’t in any order by the way!

Boy’s month!

Wahoooo! *does funny dance!*

Yes you read it right, not girly stuff, not twirly skirts and lace…..Real boys rough and tumble stuff! You will find it here on MADE and here Made By Rae. These two fab ladies are having guest bloggers over every day for the month of February. YAY!!!

Dana from Made kicked off with vest style t-shirts and Rae with make a men’s shirt into a boys shirt I wonder what else they have in store for us lad lovers???

Exciting stuff! Go take a look!

Cal Patch, Design it yourself clothes

This is one cool book! I have read it from cover to cover about four times now!

cal patch's book

I’m really impressed by the way Cal delivers the info. It’s lighthearted and fun. You are supposed to work through the patterns in the book but you can flip back and to. There are alterations to each pattern for different designs too. Cal begins with a simple skirt and leads you all the way to making patterns from clothes that you already own and scaling up and down sizes.

I’m a bit one-handed still but managed to draft out a pattern for a long t-shirt, here are my efforts.

pattern draft

I’m still not able to sew yet but just wait till I get back on the train!
It’s an interesting journey through pattern drafting and i’m very happy that I have it to refer to on my shelf. I don’t know if Cal has any other books on the agenda but i’d be in line for one.

Cal has her own online shop full of really cool creations and her blog page, Hodge Podge Farm has some really original stuff that I like and i’m sure you will too!