Things saved from times past

I have sorted through a small box of  needles, threads and a few buttons.

These were things from my late mother in law who saved them for the general mending in the house. She didn’t sew much but knitted quite a lot for my husband when he was a little boy. All her knitting things are long gone but this little box for sewing, remains untouched until now.


In the bottom was a bookmark made simply from folded paper and pressed flowers, encased in sticky backed plastic. I’m going to keep it and use it as well as my purple dragon one from Fluffy red.

decorative threads

I rescued a few threads that I thought may be alright for decorative stitching but not for seams, just in case they have weakened over time. Lots of needles (I don’t think I will ever need to buy hand sewing needles ever again!) and a few pins.


These little buttons were in there too. I’m going to save them for something special but i’m not sure what yet. I will know when the time comes! They are rather sweet gold roses with a shiny black resin background.

As you can see, I managed to take photos-how i’ve no idea! I couldnt see properly whilst trying to click the button!

Talking of the hand, stitches came out yesterday. None of my fingers fell off so I guess i’m on the mend 😉


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