A not Christmas wreath!

I found this wreath on The Purl Bee. I can imagine it hanging at the head of a bed. In fact there are lots of ways that I can imagine this!

  • For valentines day, dark green leaves and those lush red roses from purl bee’s barrette pattern. (which incidentally is a free pattern)
  • Spring time, on the inside of a back door. Daffodils in bright yellow, purple crocus and lots of foliage.
  • Autumn leaves in any kind of orange/red/brown tones.

I love mornings like this. The washing in the machine and the house is fairly tidy. Animals fed and watered and the smell of our own dinner cooking away in the slow cooker. A coffee in hand and mind in action. I really miss sewing but i’m here reading about other people doing it which is still very enjoyable.


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