Preventative and cure

I’m not going to go on about it all but it’s just been strange and extremely busy so far!I am one left finger typing since last Thursday as I had an operation on my right hand… Deep breath and I will say it quickly..NO SEWING!!!

How am I managing? Off to the library for some sewing books ha ha! In my head I will always be sewing and making lists of things that need to be sewn.

I was given Cal Patch’s new book for Christmas and I have been desperate to sit down and read it properly. I have flicked the pages and drooled over the pictures. This is the quiet time that I need 😉 Oh and wandering around the huge rolls of fabric at the local craft shop. That has to be done too! I am unable to take pics at the moment  since the button is on the wrong side! The things that I took for granted are a bit messed up and I feel so sorry for left handed people who struggle and of course they don’t moan about it. Some things I miss are, tying shoe laces, opening a packet of crisps without a pair of scissors, tying up my hair and of course being able to pick up a pen!

Oh well if the op worked I will be able to feel my fingers again. It won’t hold me back for too long because I won’t let it.

So to prevent me harming what has been done I am sporting this huge bandage which I hope will be reduced somewhat today, upon my visit to the nurse. Hooray no more boxer hand!!



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