Paper snowflakes and children’s Christmas craft ideas.

The decorations are up and the tree twinkles in the corner. We feel really Christmassy, yey!

We have lots planned for today, paper snowflakes being the first of all. Did you make these when you were little? I most certainly did…

christmas decs. 014

It all starts with a piece of paper,

that you fold in half,

paper snowflakes

and again,

paper snowflakes

but do make sure that when you fold these, that you keep all the open ends together or it won’t work 😉

paper snowflakes

fold again,

 paper snowflakes

and again,

paper snowflakes

Snip. Snip. Snippety snip! Mind your fingers!

 paper snowflakes
paper snowflakes

TA DAAA! One snowflake.
Make many like we have, and have yourself a little snowstorm!

paper snowflakes

christmas decs. 008 Here is one that we opened out after little fella cut it. Eeeek! Totally unexpected! That looks like a reindeer on a rough day! A late Hallowe’en decoration?

…On to something else, we found last years Christmas cards in the box of decs. I had in fact thought we had recycled them but here they are, so let’s do something with those….

There are always the traditional gift tags, but how about a Children’s jigsaw puzzle? Cut up a couple of cards into the size pieces you think your child can manage. Mix them up and off they go!

Or a christmas mobile? This is such a simple idea. Great for when there may not be quite enough decorations on the tree or if you are keeping little fingers happy they are  a good option. You could tie lots onto a hanger, in the tree as mentioned or pin a ribbon up and tie them on. 

Sandwich a couple of pretty pictures together with glue, adding a loop of ribbon or something to tie it on with, in between. If you forget the ribbon…never fear-that’s where hole punches come in handy!

Talking of tree decorations we made a few of these for the tree too…

Christmas tree dove 09 022

Simple but effective 😉
Doves are a symbol of peace. We all need a bit of that around Christmas. Fingers crossed anyway!

Cut out your bird shape on white card or paper. Draw an eye on each side.

Take a long rectangle of paper then fold into a fan shape.

Christmas tree dove 09 021 I’m sure that train ticket wasn’t  supposed to be in the picture! Oh well.

Cut a slit into the body and pass it through. Glue at the top. Take a needle and pass some thread through so that you can hang it. You could use that handy hole punch if you fancied tying ribbon through.
I once saw some of these doves made with fan-shaped tails as well as wings, they looked rather nice too.

Apologies for my poor picture-taking, they all look much nicer in real life.

Every home should have a little handmade! Go dec the halls! Leave some space, there’s more to come…


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