Christmas sewing and crafting

I like to sew Christmas things to Christmas music but this year it’s all too early for that. It’s nice to be early don’t get me wrong but it seems odd.

Yes it has already begun! I’m sad that I can’t show you too much because there are gifts in there too.

I will show you this though, some Christmas decs on a kind of folky theme.

Cute folksy hanging hearts (so i’m told),

christmas decs. 002

and stars to hang. I love stars. There is a tutorial to make these stars at Linaloo. They are soooo easy to make.

I don’t know how I did it, having started out with a five pointed star I ended up with six? I think when I drew it out I got the angle wrong. Oh well, it still worked! I’m not sure about that green ribbon loop. This is a piece of stash ribbon but I will have to buy darker for them to look right.

christmas decs. 001

 Linaloo also has a great tutorial for decorating candles.

Thanks to my friend who sent me this cool kids tutorial for making facecloth reindeers. It’s too good not to share.

We made some for the Christmas fair on Friday. Well only two so far – have to buy more face cloths and soap! Little man decided that he was going to make some for his teacher gifts too. Better get shopping!

christmas decs.


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