Space curtain

A while ago I had been given a bag of fabric off-cuts. I’d opened it up to find small pieces of  cotton sheeting and this rather nice space fabric.

space curtain

Some of the sheeting has been used for other things and I had thought about it before, but with the space theme going on it seems appropriate to make this into something.

space curtain

There are flaws in the fabric. The lines run from side to side but that doesn’t bother me. I nipped out to get one of those tension rods to hang it at the window. I have some net wire but I didn’t want to screw it into the frame. A bargain at £2!


I trimmed it (so meant to be because I only took about 6” off the top and tidied up the sides), hemmed the sides with the hem foot on the machine.  (This foot is great. Look how neat and tidy it makes things, without even trying!)


space curtain 002

Turned the top and bottom,threaded the rod through and hung it up. How easy was that? Done in less than 2 hours from buying the rod to hanging at the window. Cost of £2 – what a bargain! I really like it when that kind of thing happens ;-D

The 6” scrap from the top will be made into some little drawstring wash bags, for small hands that can’t keep hold of slippery soap in the bath! The open weave will make lots of lovely soapy bubbles!


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