Chai tea…

I’m sitting here drinking this from Lucy Knisley.

Ooooohhhhh! I’ts a must try, believe me!

Cheers Lucy, here’s to your tea recipe!

There is more in the fridge for tomorrow 😉 Yummy!



2 Responses

  1. “Chai” is the Swahili name for tea; so all swahili speakers use this word in East Africa.
    It came over from India with the Indian workers who came over to build the East African Railway from Mombasa (Kenya) to Kampala (Uganda), as Uganda was landlocked & had no port.
    There are quite a few Swahili words that have Hindustani backgrounds.

  2. Hi Posh.

    Thanks. That’s really interesting. I had wondered where it had orginated from.

    You can buy Chai, dried in packets but it’s too sweet and I think it’s more like hot chocolate. This is much nicer because you can control the end taste by altering the spices and of course how much/little sugar you use.

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