Catching up…

You will surely have noticed that there have been hardly any pictures in my posts recently. I have had problems getting them onto the site. I have spent many hours puzzling it out but with no answer. Which is why I haven’t really updated very much of late.

Our older lad was here the night before last and asked me what I was muttering about?(I was actually sitting here feeling rather annoyed because I couldn’t get the photos where I needed them to be).
After 10 mins fiddling about he managed a solution.

So here we are pictures again, at last! Yey!

We really need to catch up a bit here…The kimono that I started ages ago is done. It started out life as a white cotton curtain, with two layers. The first was an open weave cotton with lovely white swirls printed on (from a distance they look like embroidery but they aren’t) and the second a tighter, slightly heavier cotton.

from curtain to kimono

To begin with, I never wear white. It gets too grubby too quickly! I bought some lavender coloured dye a while ago. It ended up in a sale rack for around 10p.
Dumped in dye then onto the line to dry.

from curtain to kimono

Each time I got this curtain out to cut up, something happened. Whether it be a phone call or whatever. Sometimes just put on the shelf while other jobs took over. This went on for a couple of weeks!

Eventually it was cut out and sewn together, now my new kimono.


kimono Photos taken by my 5yr old Little Man!

Also some hand embroidery for my hubby’s birthday, made into a coaster. This photo isn’t that great, it’s much nicer in real life.


For Fluffy Red’s birthday this rather nice (if I do say so myself!) jewellery roll.

jewellery roll

jewellery roll outside

jewellery roll inside

A couple more sewing jobs to do then I can get stuck into some Christmas sewing! 😉


4 Responses

  1. Hooray you’re working again

  2. Oh yeah, Oh yeah! *funny dance around the room*
    Can’t keep me away for too long!

  3. Ooooo just noticed, you added pictures of my little case. it is in use as we speak. lovely 😀 .

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