Christmas sewing and crafting

I like to sew Christmas things to Christmas music but this year it’s all too early for that. It’s nice to be early don’t get me wrong but it seems odd.

Yes it has already begun! I’m sad that I can’t show you too much because there are gifts in there too.

I will show you this though, some Christmas decs on a kind of folky theme.

Cute folksy hanging hearts (so i’m told),

christmas decs. 002

and stars to hang. I love stars. There is a tutorial to make these stars at Linaloo. They are soooo easy to make.

I don’t know how I did it, having started out with a five pointed star I ended up with six? I think when I drew it out I got the angle wrong. Oh well, it still worked! I’m not sure about that green ribbon loop. This is a piece of stash ribbon but I will have to buy darker for them to look right.

christmas decs. 001

 Linaloo also has a great tutorial for decorating candles.

Thanks to my friend who sent me this cool kids tutorial for making facecloth reindeers. It’s too good not to share.

We made some for the Christmas fair on Friday. Well only two so far – have to buy more face cloths and soap! Little man decided that he was going to make some for his teacher gifts too. Better get shopping!

christmas decs.


A year on…18/11/2008

Happy birthday blog!

I have had a happy year and made many new friends with my blog. This was my first ever post and I didn’t know anything about blogging at all! The blog has changed a bit since then!

I have learnt a lot in the past year and the support here in blogland is tremendous. Thank you all so much. Of course, a big thanks to my readers too. If you weren’t watching there would be no need for me to warble on!

Heres to another happy year of my warbling! 😀  xxx

A review of last year’s crafting;

make up bagmake up bagbagbag 002guess the weightheadband/purse/make-up bagfelt reindeerChristmas ornamentChristmas ornamenttree decstree decsginger biscuitsJan08 003Jan08 004Jan08 005Jan08 017crochet scarfcrochet scarf crochet practicecrochet sock008zigzag sampleFebruary09 007crochet shrugcrochet hatcrochet hatunraveling woolen sweaterbagnbox 003boteh scarfMarch 09 006spring toplemonwine07beachskirt 006sleep pillowsbeachskirt 004beachskirt 001sleep pillowpaintingMighty Mallardembroidery may 09elasticated topbaby shoesMay 031June 016June 015painted blossompatchwork denimpatchwork denimChestRaftRace.paint 003august cushionsaugust cushionszoo pj'sblackberry jamblackberry jamzoo pj'sfrom curtain to kimonofrom curtain to kimonomobile phone covermobile phone coverDragon bagDragon bagDragon bagDragon bagfeltfood 019halloween 002jewellery roll insidejewellery roll jewellery roll outsidefudgefudgemushroommushroom 001kimonokimonoHelen's Fruit Cakesnake 011


We have had lots of fun today. A picky, party tea. For what reason? Because we can!

It’s dull, rainy and windy outside but we are inside, in the warm, feeling cozy.

Little man found a bit of green fabric in my stash. He decided he wanted a rattle snake. I agreed to help him make one.

snake 007

Little man pinned and cut the fabric. I didn’t have enough hands to take pics when the scissors were out! We sat together to sew it.

For the rattle we put two bottle tops together then filled them with rice. We taped them so they didn’t fall apart. Then Little man got at it with the stuffing! I didn’t know that stuff could go so far-it was everywhere!

snake 009

I sewed a piece of felt for a forked tongue and some beady eyes. Hey presto! Here comes snakey!

snake 011

snake 014

The t-shirt lies, it was him! Ha ha!

The Toymaker

I have simply had to include The Toymaker on my “stuff for kids” list.

I can’t tell you how much I love the rabbit and mouse paper toys! These are a must make, just for a bit of fun. In fact they are printing as I type.

Little man and I will stick these together later and make up some games to play with them. I can hardly wait! Hurry home from school!…

(Later)…we had so much fun with these as you can imagine. Mice races and all sorts of games were invented!


paper mice

“Mum! Come and see! The mice are eating my biscuits!”

Helen’s Fruit Cake

I have had this recipe for a long time. It has always been a really nice cake when it’s made. So good in fact, it doesn’t hang around for very long!

The recipe was given to me, by my Mum, by her friend, years ago. It was written into my book as Helen’s fruit cake and so the name has stayed. Its a boiled cake mix, call it whatever you wish! It’s freezable by the way.

Heat oven to gas 3/325 F/160 C. Grease and line 2 x 1lb loaf tins.

1/2 pint milk.
8oz brown sugar
1lb fruit, mixed or whatever you have to hand(or you could use a block of dates and 4oz walnuts)
10oz margarine/butter

Mix all the ingredients together. Bring it to the boil then turn it off. Let the mixture cool slightly. Add,

2 beaten eggs
1lb self-raising flour

We like a bit of mixed spice in ours so I put in about 2 teaspoons as well.
Mix all together well but don’t overmix. Put into 2 x 1lb loaf tins. Cook for about an hour. Test with a skewer.

Helen's Fruit Cake

Right i’m off for a cuppa and a slice of naughtiness! ;-D

Reindeers and Santa…

Last year I made these little reindeers and a santa for decorations. I also made a few as gifts. My Little man filled them with sweets and gingerbread

tree decs

I had so much fun doing them that I wanted to remind you where I got the pattern idea for the reindeers. The Father Christmas was my own but along the same guide lines. My Little Mochi tells us about her reindeers here.

You could do the same if you wanted,  it’s really easy. Just cut out the bits in the shape that you want and sew them on!) I made lots and hung them all over the tree for my Little man to find!

I safely packed them away so that when I get the decorations out they can be hanging around again 🙂

Handmade Holidays 3!

It’s here!

They have already started so get on over to Sewmamasew for a gander at a huge list of things to make for Christmas gifts (that’s where I came across the chai tea recipe!).

Not to be missed, go take a look….