Pear Jam

Do you know the only recipe that I have for pear jam is a conserve. Last time I used that recipe it wouldn’t set so it has kind of put me off.

I had a go at another pear recipe. I tried Fiona’s  Pear and Lemon Jam  from The Cottage Smallholder. A lovely pink jam and what a sunny taste! I will be making this again! Mine turned out a little runny but maybe I will use less water next time.

Next door still have pears sitting in their tree. When I hang the washing out I am looking directly at them and it’s as if they shout “pick me!” I know the guy won’t eat them as they are and he doesn’t cook much. I shall offer to make him something nice in exchange for some more I think. I don’t know if it’s a hint but when he has finished a jar of jam or a pie I find an empty jar or dish hanging over the fence in a bag!


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