It’s autumn, my favourite time of year. That feeling of crinkling underfoot and fluttering above, the nip on your cheeks when out for a walk and a steaming cuppa when you return home. The nights are drawing in and Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes Night almost upon us.

I wish the days were longer, it’s difficult to fit all these lovely things in at the moment.

I’m thinking treat/sweetie bags. I don’t know why but I have a thing for bats and pumpkins this year.

I have been making some treat bags for some of the children that I know. Lovely autumn orange. I saw the bottom orange fabric in a sale and couldn’t leave it alone, not a colour that I would wear but perfect for these. I  have made ten bags in total but the one at the top, with wobbly eyes is for my Little fella.

I have had this post written all week but WordPress isn’t allowing me to add pictures in the way that I usually do. Apparently they are working on something or other. I have  tried and tried….I had to add them a different way in the end. I hope you can see them, if not please let me know.

I do wish people would leave working things alone 😦


Happy Birthday!

Another one? … It’s our busiest time of year for birthdays!


To my hubby on your special day. Hope you have a lovely time.  XxX

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

My friend has a little boy who is one.

Happy 1st Birthday!

Our gift to him…Felt food.

I thought i’d give it the name of pick and mix sandwich (his mum doesn’t like the word  “butty”). I had also thought of calling it build a better butty.

The idea of play food and making your own sandwiches has been fun for my Little man and I to do together. Little man drew all of the patterns of course and decided what food to make. I simply sewed it all together!

So along with a wooden jigsaw puzzle, hope you have a fun-filled day! x

Pear Jam

Do you know the only recipe that I have for pear jam is a conserve. Last time I used that recipe it wouldn’t set so it has kind of put me off.

I had a go at another pear recipe. I tried Fiona’s  Pear and Lemon Jam  from The Cottage Smallholder. A lovely pink jam and what a sunny taste! I will be making this again! Mine turned out a little runny but maybe I will use less water next time.

Next door still have pears sitting in their tree. When I hang the washing out I am looking directly at them and it’s as if they shout “pick me!” I know the guy won’t eat them as they are and he doesn’t cook much. I shall offer to make him something nice in exchange for some more I think. I don’t know if it’s a hint but when he has finished a jar of jam or a pie I find an empty jar or dish hanging over the fence in a bag!

Dragon art is in the bag…

Big Purple Dragon and Blue Dragon unite!

I have been working on a new bag recently. The artwork came from Laura at Blue Dragon’s Happy Place of Fun and Cake.

This is Laura’s elfwood art gallery where her fab work is.  I am very impressed with her dragon pictures. So much so that I asked if I could use one to create a bag for myself. Thanks to Laura for letting me use your “The moon is mine” picture.



This is my sewing space. As you can see it’s not a special room where I go to create. Just the dining table because that is all the space we have. I love the way the sun shines in through the window here.


I put a zipped pocket on the back and a long patch pocket inside. Also a loop for attaching keys to.

It’s a bigger bag than I am used to but good for those days when you want to take everything (including the kitchen sink(along with you!

I’m really pleased with the way this bag looks. It will be in action later today ;-D


Now to introduce you to Bernie, “Bernadette” to be exact. Named by my Little man I will have you know. There is a small story behind my new sewing machine.

Bought in 1977, by a lady who was kind and careful with her machine. All the parts are still with it and still functioning perfectly. I was even given the original guarantee, manuals and sewing books with it. 

I met the lady who gave it to me, purely by chance. Mrs J replied to an email one day and we have been very good friends ever since. If she needs sewing done, all it takes is a call and i’m on the job. I will be eternally grateful that I no longer have to put up with my extremely temperamental Toyota.

This baby sews a dream. Now I can do zig zag and change the stitch length – hooray! Along with all the other stitches and tricks that it pulls! No longer am I afraid of buttonholes either. The Toyota refused to get more than halfway through them and now I can make as many of them as I wish!

Thank you Mrs J. X

Star gazing…

My little fella seems to be a bit mad on star-gazing at the moment. I’m not sure why.

He decided that when nobody was looking he would peer out of the bedroom window at the night sky when unfortunately he managed to pull the curtains down! The rail had snapped and the poor child didn’t know where to put himself. Anyway we have a new rail, thanks to a very kind lady who was getting rid of one on the local recycling network.

So tonight we went outside to discover the stars instead! We looked up some constellations first so that we knew what we were looking at. This is one of the sites that we visited,

It was fun, at the same time very interesting. I will tell you that I didn’t laugh when Little man asked me to show him where the vienetta was. I did say that I would show him it tomorrow after tea! 😀

Happy Birthday!


To my niece who is having her birthday today. Hope you have a fab time. We will be thinking of you. X