New pj’s at last!

“Jammin”,  in more ways than one!

Back in August I made these for Little Man. It was warmer then but now the nights are turning cooler i’m making more. We picked this fabric last year but he has grown since then. I guess i’m lucky that he’s still happy with the print, but I know if it’s got trains on it we can’t go wrong!

Sew mama sew have been having a pyjama party all month. I’m joining in last minute with the good folks over there. Click the button to visit. If you sew too, come and join in the fun. Sorry it’s so short on time.


I finished them this morning having started last night! Super fast or what. I just needed him to put his head through the neck space as I drafted the facing and slash neck myself.

The pattern that I made in August was altered yet again. This time from shortie pj’s to long winter ones. The fabric wasn’t stretch this time so called for a different neck shape to get his noggin through!

I tried every which way but didn’t have quite enough fabric and nothing in my stash that would even match.  I just managed to cut all the pieces apart from the waistband out. So into the rag bag we went to discover a pair of too small, holey jog pants.

The waistband on these was still good so I unpicked and re-used it.

Here we have new jammies!

We are listening to Bob Marley “Jammin” again. It’s hard to take pictures when little bodies won’t keep still!

If we aren’t making it, we are listening to it or wearing it! There is more than one way to jam!


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