Impossible Pie

Well here is the pie. I halved the mixture – just in case!

It was easy to mix up. Smelled gorgeous when it was in the oven. Tasted pretty nice too but it didn’t have layers as expected. I don’t know what I did wrong, perhaps it got over mixed as my little man was helping with a large wooden spoon!

My mum made one and hers had layers. She said it tasted good but you couldn’t eat much of it. I agree, to be fair it’s quite filling.

Will I make it again? Maybe, just to see if I can make layers!

It was quite easy to get out of the dish which I was surprised by. I thought it might get stuck and I would have to spoon it out!

I searched for some savoury impossible pies. Here are the links;

These are just a few that I have found and I do plan on doing one soon. I think they are all similar to quiche type recipes. I like that you can just throw it all in the dish. Sounds good to me – more time to play ;-D


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