Hand sewing

I’m sure anybody who may have seen me must think i’m absolutely crazy. Friday morning I leapt around the living room like a five year old! The postman had brought me a present from sewmamasew. I opened it up to find all of this…

I knew it was on its way because i’d had an email. How very kind of the lovely ladies over there. Thank you sew much.

I have watched lots of people taking part in the hand sewing month and been given such inspiration from their fantastic work. Ok so i’m a month late but hey it’s never too late to have a go.

 I know exactly what I want to make, remember this? The whole project was put off by other things happening but now I just have to give it a go!

I had a slight mishap over the weekend and have a swollen ankle. The best chance ever to have a practice, I think. Here are my efforts from last night!

I didn’t fancy the usual kind of sampler so it seemed more fun to make an abstract from various circles of stitching. Ok so the circles aren’t very round but this is my first attempt!

The queen’s lace was inspired by this post but I drew it out  straight onto the fabric with the magic disappearing ink pen. I  need to wash and iron both of these and think of something to make them into. Next month at sewmamsew is October Scrap Busters. Maybe I will have a few ideas from there?

For now i’m off to find a piece of fabric for a background to put a dragon on…


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