Treasured possessions

My mum has had this book since her childhood. She then passed it on to me, when I was a child. I keep it with the toy money box dad made and my other most treasured possessions. Today I thought i’d give it an airing and share it with you.



Thank you mum for sharing it with me all those years ago. x

Just because it was with my most treasured possessions here is a picture of Mitzi. My sister made Mitzi when I was a kid. All lovingly hand-sewn and stuffed with old tights! Sorry about the embarrassment Fluffy Red!


2 Responses

  1. Good grief! I didn’t realize u still had mitzy Lol.
    All I can say is I was young when i made it (yikes)

    I remember that embroidery book. It has servedus all well 😀

    • Good memories for the both of us! Mitzi will be with me forever and I love her as much as the day you surprised me with her! Many happy days of play are remembered lol!
      The pages of the book are well fingered and falling apart but all still there. I will give you a gander next time you are here!

      Go get your gravatar by the way!

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