New pj’s at last!

“Jammin”,  in more ways than one!

Back in August I made these for Little Man. It was warmer then but now the nights are turning cooler i’m making more. We picked this fabric last year but he has grown since then. I guess i’m lucky that he’s still happy with the print, but I know if it’s got trains on it we can’t go wrong!

Sew mama sew have been having a pyjama party all month. I’m joining in last minute with the good folks over there. Click the button to visit. If you sew too, come and join in the fun. Sorry it’s so short on time.


I finished them this morning having started last night! Super fast or what. I just needed him to put his head through the neck space as I drafted the facing and slash neck myself.

The pattern that I made in August was altered yet again. This time from shortie pj’s to long winter ones. The fabric wasn’t stretch this time so called for a different neck shape to get his noggin through!

I tried every which way but didn’t have quite enough fabric and nothing in my stash that would even match.  I just managed to cut all the pieces apart from the waistband out. So into the rag bag we went to discover a pair of too small, holey jog pants.

The waistband on these was still good so I unpicked and re-used it.

Here we have new jammies!

We are listening to Bob Marley “Jammin” again. It’s hard to take pictures when little bodies won’t keep still!

If we aren’t making it, we are listening to it or wearing it! There is more than one way to jam!



It’s been a busy week but I have had some lovely apples from a good friend. So I made some pies for the freezer.

The two at the back are deep filled dishes and the front two are thinner, lattice cut.

Bet you spied that cute jam turnover at the front for my little man too!

I love homemade pastry, especially when it’s really short.


There are some apples left. What shall I make?

Impossible Pie

Well here is the pie. I halved the mixture – just in case!

It was easy to mix up. Smelled gorgeous when it was in the oven. Tasted pretty nice too but it didn’t have layers as expected. I don’t know what I did wrong, perhaps it got over mixed as my little man was helping with a large wooden spoon!

My mum made one and hers had layers. She said it tasted good but you couldn’t eat much of it. I agree, to be fair it’s quite filling.

Will I make it again? Maybe, just to see if I can make layers!

It was quite easy to get out of the dish which I was surprised by. I thought it might get stuck and I would have to spoon it out!

I searched for some savoury impossible pies. Here are the links;

These are just a few that I have found and I do plan on doing one soon. I think they are all similar to quiche type recipes. I like that you can just throw it all in the dish. Sounds good to me – more time to play ;-D

Impossible Pie

In the September 09 issue of ASDA Magazine there is a recipe for impossible pie. It was created for a competition and the winner got £250 for it. It must be good, surely?

Apparently impossible pie isn’t a new idea. It was around in the 70’s but still news to me and I quite fancy having a go anyway. I wonder if a savoury version has been inveted, seems like a great throw tea in the oven idea ;-D

Here is the recipe from the magazine. I took a photo but it’s very fuzzy and doesn’t actually show the words very well.

 So copied from the magazine, here it is;

Impossible Pie

4oz “I can’t believe it’s not butter” (I should imagine any other cooking marg or butter would do the same job)

8oz caster sugar

8oz desiccated coconut

4 eggs

4oz plain flour

1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

1/2 pint full fat milk


1. Oven on 350F/180C/Gas 4

2. Lightly grease 10″ pie or flan dish.

3. Cream the butter with the sugar. Add coconut and eggs.

4. Sieve flour with nutmeg and add vanilla essence.

5. Fold into coconut mixture.

6. Pour into prepared dish and bake for 1 hour. When cooked, a knife inserted into centre should come out clean.

The mixture will have formed a pasty shell, an egg custard filling and a coconut topping. Serve.


It sounds interesting. When it’s made i will add a picture. If you have made it I would be interested to know how yours turned out 😉

Hand sewing

I’m sure anybody who may have seen me must think i’m absolutely crazy. Friday morning I leapt around the living room like a five year old! The postman had brought me a present from sewmamasew. I opened it up to find all of this…

I knew it was on its way because i’d had an email. How very kind of the lovely ladies over there. Thank you sew much.

I have watched lots of people taking part in the hand sewing month and been given such inspiration from their fantastic work. Ok so i’m a month late but hey it’s never too late to have a go.

 I know exactly what I want to make, remember this? The whole project was put off by other things happening but now I just have to give it a go!

I had a slight mishap over the weekend and have a swollen ankle. The best chance ever to have a practice, I think. Here are my efforts from last night!

I didn’t fancy the usual kind of sampler so it seemed more fun to make an abstract from various circles of stitching. Ok so the circles aren’t very round but this is my first attempt!

The queen’s lace was inspired by this post but I drew it out  straight onto the fabric with the magic disappearing ink pen. I  need to wash and iron both of these and think of something to make them into. Next month at sewmamsew is October Scrap Busters. Maybe I will have a few ideas from there?

For now i’m off to find a piece of fabric for a background to put a dragon on…

Rosehip and Apple Jam

I picked a few wild rosehips from the hedgerows. I was going to make a syrup but changed my mind and made jam instead.

Rosehips are quite sweet and full of little pips. There isn’t really that much flesh to them either so I find you need quite a few to make a decent amount of jam. I didn’t follow a traditional recipe. Straining with jelly bags etc is too fiddly for me and I think it’s a waste. I press mine through a sieve. Rather the cloudy jam than wasted in the bin! So here’s how I did it;

Rosehips, Cooking apples, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Butter

No weight is given for fruit because afterall you don’t weigh it as you pick it, so just wing it with whatever you have and work out the sugar after you have your pulp.

Ok,  so take off any stalks and cut off the hairy little ends. Get rid of any bad or nasty looking ones with holes in them.

Weigh then wash them and put into a pan. For each pound you have, you will probably need about 1/2 pint water, maybe a little more but that depends on how hard you boil them! Cover the pan with a lid and stew until they are a bit soft.

Squash them with a potato masher. Press through a sieve then throw the seeds away. For each pint of juice should be 1 pound of sugar as the general rule goes. I find this jam very sweet and you may want to reduce the sugar a little. It’s a matter of personal taste really.

For the apples. Again, use what you have to hand. I try to use similar amounts of both rosehip and apple but it doesn’t really matter. Peel and chop, stew them in a little water then mash with a masher.

Measure the pulp then add the rosehip juice and mushed apples to a large pan. Add a blob of butter and a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice.

Put some clean jars and a heatproof jug in the oven to around 100 deg C.

Bring to the boil and reduce heat. Cook for about 5 mins then test. Pot as usual. 

This is usually a nice smooth jam and I think it’s rather nice in a sandwich cake. 

I love the winter when it’s all crispy outside and bringing out a pot of jam for the memories and tastes of summer. I hope you enjoy it the same way as I do 😉


If you have questions or comments about anything I have made please do leave them or email me. I will always try to answer and help in any way I can. My name is dragon but that doesn’t mean that I am one!

Crewel Work

I have been looking up crewel work in my spare time this week. I borrowed these books from the library.


New stitches, inspiration and nice small projects.

Full of good stuff. These are my fav pages.

Bedtime reading and happy dreams.