Fruit picking

We have been gathering fruit over the past week. Most has been made into seedless blackberry jam (or cheese as some people call it). Some has been sent to the freezer for the winter stash, later to be pulled out and sprinkled into apple pies, made into ice cream syrup and such like.

Just for your amusement I will tell you that I lost my footing whilst picking and ended up almost head first in a bunch of nettles. I rubbed the stings on my arms with a dock leaf and it did help, however, still with stinging arms i’m off for a bath! You guessed it-no photo of my mishap!  ;-D


2 Responses

  1. I know the damson tree and its fruit very well, but can you explain the difference between a damson and a damseen?

    • Yes of course. Damsons are a little smaller than a damseen and more oval in shape. Damseens are sweeter than damsons. Other than that they are much the same and used in the same way. Hope this helps.

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