Sewing again, at last!

For two whole weeks I have not touched a needle and thread and it has been driving me around the bend!

I did however mend poor dingle bear (dingle bear is the bear, if you know what I mean!) His back is all worn from too much cuddling in bed so the little fella and I used an old t-shirt. We laid him out and traced the shape of his back onto the fabric.

Little man cut it out then watched me sew it on.  I had to pretend to be a nurse doing an operation, as I do everytime I mend him. Thankfully I didn’t have to sit with a white tissue on my head this time!

I made these cushions to throw in the caravan, just before we went away. Just a touch of homely-ness!

The little fella has mentioned more than once that he would like me to make him some short pyjamas so they are next on the list. I have a small piece of cotton fabric although i’m not sure it will be enough for shorts and a top yet. I am looking for a boys top pattern but nothing has shown itself to me on the net so I think I might just wing it with a basic shape and a slit type neck. Well more of that to follow…


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