We are back! In fact we have been back for a few days. I have been clearing the dirty clothes mountain!

It seems like ages ago that I added to my blog. I have missed you guys so much, and all of your lovely emails!

I have a few pictures to share but not much in the line of sewing i’m afraid.

I hope you enjoy our welsh pics by the seaside 🙂

 We built a number of sand models and castles to play with.

 Jade didn’t like sitting on the sand. As soon as she jumped out of the car it was onto my knee! She did walk on it and swim in the sea and gave everybody a shower afterwards! She chose to spend most of the time sprawled in the back of the car. With the door open of course, so she was able to jump out if she wished. That didn’t happen very much though!


 We visited Criccieth Castle


 and climbed a mountain. This was the view from the top! Windy, very windy!


 Beachcombing with dad!

 Beach findings.

 Little man did lots of this!


 Drawing, cutting glueing…

 …even on holiday we did lots of that!


 For the little person who loves everything to do with trains, the ultimate experience was in the drivers cab and blowing a real train whistle!

Hope that wasn’t too boring and you aren’t all asleep! 😀


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