A hard life being 5!

Saturday was a fab day for us, all be it very tiring.

The day began very early, as usual. We made a picnic and off we trotted to the woods with the dog.

We had a whale of a time then we sat to eat our lunch amongst the squirrels and birds. Feeling refreshed we set off to find some leaves and ferns to paint with later on.

Back at home the paint came out. Lots of mess later, after a drink and a snack, this happened!


Arghhhh! It’s 4:30pm! You can’t fall asleep! I even tried tickling but nothing would wake this sleeping beauty! 

All because of this 10 min snooze, bedtime was out of the window. It was closer to 10pm before he finally dropped off to sleep!

Sunday was great too. We went to see the raft race with our friends.

The little man was extremely grumpy. I’m sure it was due to the feeling of the night before. However, we did watch a few rafts go by and then went for another picnic in the park. The day was nice but I was glad to get into bed at the end of the day!

Feeding the squirrels with pigeons stealing the nuts!

Hope you had a fun weekend too! 😉


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