New sewing going on…

Well i’m not really sure how this is going to work out when it’s finished. 

I had an old pair of jeans with holes in the knees that were looking decidedly tatty. I love  those jeans and i’m not throwing them away! So I cut the legs off and made them into shorts but what to do with the leg bit that isn’t holey? I could save the denim for patches or something but i’m feeling a tad creative…A bag…I could do with something a bit different…

 So this is the outer bag.

 This is going to be the lining. I didn’t have a piece of cotton big enough for the size of the outer so I improvised and pieced enough together then cut it out of that. After all it’s kind of a patchwork bag.

I had a bit of a disaster when I did the lining. With a rectangular or square bag you can add the lining by sewing all around the edges then turn it all through the opening (shown in the pic above). I wish I had made it up as a bag, added it last and hand sewn it around the top and top-stitched on the machine. I had lots of corners that wouldn’t get in place.  So I could have done it better but never mind, we learn by our mistakes don’t we!

I am going to sew the sides of the bag tonight, in fact I think I will do it now but you will have to wait until tomorrow for a pic. Sorry about that!


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