Time goes by so quickly.

There is so much to blog about and time Is passing too quickly.

I have had issues with my blog recently, things going wrong and words going missing when they shouldn’t etc. But now i’m back to annoy you, there’s no stopping me! 😉 Please note the rest of this post was written last week!

The English exam is done and dusted, big breath! I passed! *dance of joy* Here is the but… Maths in September *shivers at the thought*

We have had a visit to the beach and done cutting and sticking. I made more jam. This time it was rhubarb and ginger, what a surprise! I re-did the recipe. I didn’t like the way it stood overnight but I do understand that it is supposed to draw out the pectin so that it sets. However, I made mine this morning by chucking it all in the big pan with about 400ml water which was probably a bit too much. I added my bashed ginger tied in cotton bag. Dissolved the sugar then brought it to the boil and simmered gently for about 20 mins until it reached setting point. Potted it and job’s a good un.

The jam was very pink this time, I stripped the bush, young leggy stems too and threw them all in the pot. It’s very yummy. I never knew a 5yr old before, liking rhubarb and ginger jam and asking for more. Notes have been made for next time!

Here is a couple of pics of the beach that we enjoyed so much…



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