Sorry that I haven’t blogged for a while. I have been busy with family, oh and sewing of course! I made a few alterations to clothes for all the family. Mainly turning up jeans and trousers. 

I have made all the trousers that were too short for little man into 3/4 legnth trousers and shorts. It costs such a lot to replace the whole wardrobe when they grow and since these are the summer fashion, I don’t see the point of buying more when I can alter what is already there.

We are off on our holidays this morning, I definately I need a holiday to get over the packing! We are off to the beach for a couple of weeks today so i’m sure that I will have some nice pics of things for you soon.

I’m off to pack a picnic now, to eat on the way.  Take care all of you and see you soon. x


Teddy bears picnic

It’s the teddy bears picnic at school today. All the children are walking to the local park to eat their picnic lunches. I made lots of teddy cakes for them to eat i’m sure it will keep their energy running high!

They keep looking at me! Help! The bears are going to get me! Arghhhh!

 Perhaps if I eat one, I will feel better. Yum! 😀

A hard life being 5!

Saturday was a fab day for us, all be it very tiring.

The day began very early, as usual. We made a picnic and off we trotted to the woods with the dog.

We had a whale of a time then we sat to eat our lunch amongst the squirrels and birds. Feeling refreshed we set off to find some leaves and ferns to paint with later on.

Back at home the paint came out. Lots of mess later, after a drink and a snack, this happened!


Arghhhh! It’s 4:30pm! You can’t fall asleep! I even tried tickling but nothing would wake this sleeping beauty! 

All because of this 10 min snooze, bedtime was out of the window. It was closer to 10pm before he finally dropped off to sleep!

Sunday was great too. We went to see the raft race with our friends.

The little man was extremely grumpy. I’m sure it was due to the feeling of the night before. However, we did watch a few rafts go by and then went for another picnic in the park. The day was nice but I was glad to get into bed at the end of the day!

Feeding the squirrels with pigeons stealing the nuts!

Hope you had a fun weekend too! 😉

Apple and Ginger Jam

I seem to have ginger on the brain at the moment. Probably due to the fact it’s on offer at the local shop!

Apples were quite cheap too. I dithered over apple pie/crumble or jam. Well the jam lasts longer and I hadn’t tried this recipe. I’m sorry but I forgot to take pics while it was being made but it’s much the same as other jams to be fair.

2lb good cooking apples, peeled and cored and chopped up

peel and core of the apples tied in muslin (or if you don’t have muslin you could use a new dish cloth, hand washed without soap, prior to use)

about 3inches of ginger or one of those jars of mushed up stuff you can buy would do the same thing. You can either bash it up and put it in with the apple skin and core, or peel and grate it.

2lb sugar

a squeeze of lemon juice

Put everything in your large pan and leave for at least 4 hours. Gently simmer for about 5 mins. Remove the tied cloth (I did the naughty thing and squeezed it out. If you want a clear jam don’t do this!)

Boil it up as you would any other jam, prob for another 3-5 mins. Test then pot into sterilised jars.

It’s a lovely golden colour and you may taste the lemon and ginger more than the apples.

Pear blossom

My sister is great at taking photographs. I steal the images from her. Here is one she took a while ago. It is a pear blossom from her own tree.

pear blossom

I love the fresh feel it gives. Here is my painting of those same flowers. It doesn’t look as nice on here but i’m happy with it and I thought i’d share it anyway.

patchwork denim

Here we go, all done!

I really like the look of this bag. If I make another it will be a teeny bit bigger and next time that lining will go in last as mentioned before!

New sewing going on…

Well i’m not really sure how this is going to work out when it’s finished. 

I had an old pair of jeans with holes in the knees that were looking decidedly tatty. I love  those jeans and i’m not throwing them away! So I cut the legs off and made them into shorts but what to do with the leg bit that isn’t holey? I could save the denim for patches or something but i’m feeling a tad creative…A bag…I could do with something a bit different…

 So this is the outer bag.

 This is going to be the lining. I didn’t have a piece of cotton big enough for the size of the outer so I improvised and pieced enough together then cut it out of that. After all it’s kind of a patchwork bag.

I had a bit of a disaster when I did the lining. With a rectangular or square bag you can add the lining by sewing all around the edges then turn it all through the opening (shown in the pic above). I wish I had made it up as a bag, added it last and hand sewn it around the top and top-stitched on the machine. I had lots of corners that wouldn’t get in place.  So I could have done it better but never mind, we learn by our mistakes don’t we!

I am going to sew the sides of the bag tonight, in fact I think I will do it now but you will have to wait until tomorrow for a pic. Sorry about that!