The needlewoman

I found this magazine at the market last week.

dragon magazineIt was published in February 1936. It has done incredibly well as it is not dog eared or creased up, at all. I imagine it has sat in an elderly persons cupboard for quite some time. I wonder how many times it has been read and the patterns used.  For someone to keep it for so long maybe it was the cover that drew them in as it did me. 

The needlewoman cost me £1. Originally it had cost 6d which I think was a huge amount of money then. I believe even a weeks wage for some people!

dragon magazine 3

There are other nice things in this magazine. I have enjoyed looking at the old adverts and recipes too. I might have a go at making some of them soon.

dragon magazine 2

I love, love, love this dragon and I am going to stitch it onto something, perhaps a pillow or maybe put it into a picture frame. The original transfer is missing, and so gathering some greaseproof paper from the kitchen I began to trace over the design.

Come back soon to see to see dragon taking shape!


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