Rollup, rollup, get your odds and ends here!

We prepared ourselves to do a car-boot sale at the weekend. Our car was jam packed with stuff that we didn’t need anymore. “What is one man’s rubbish is another man’s gold” as they say!

We rescued a load of jigsaw puzzles from the top of the wardrobe, that we haven’t used for a while. Little fella says that I am not allowed to sell this one!

On to other things… Isn’t it strange how parents and children often choose to wear similar clothes on the same day. The little man and I both choose to wear holey jeans, not just that but the holes are in the same knee! These jeans are particularly old and we are just messing about in the garden so I guess we can be forgiven!

We did some chalking in the garden. We chalked everything we could see, and more! We chalked around plant pots and made sillouettes of the dog and ourselves. I think they look rather like the movies when the detective arrives on scene!

These are also something that the little man has made. We didn’t have any split pins so the little ties that you get with sandwich bags were a good substitute when shaped similarly!


Last of all, here is the egg shell crushing competition, who can crush the most?

“Why?” I hear you ask.

We use these all around the garden to stop the slugs and snails eating all our lovely plants. As soon as they see all that stuff they head off into next door’s garden!

We had a lovely weekend, hope you did too 🙂


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