It’s been a while…

I haven’t blogged for about 2 weeks now, the shame. Oh well there is a bit for us to catch up with then!

We have spent a lot of time in the beautiful sunshine that we have been having recently. I filled the swimming pool (yes I said swimming pool, it’s too large to be a paddling pool!)  in the garden and we ate bbq’d tea almost every night. We also grazed on far too many ice creams and generally had a holiday at home.

 While the pool was filling we made a game of throwing these balls in and counting them. Ball fights and fishing, great fun!


The little man and I have ridden our bikes everywhere and walked the legs off the dog in the woods lots of times too.

I have rarely been sewing though, until now. The weather has turned and we are back indoors. I made these for my friend’s baby.

Little man did some of his own sewing too.

We scrumped these from next door’s cherry tree! I will be making some jam with those. That’s if there is enough left after everybody keeps eating them-me included! Mmmmm…

I have homework from school this week. I have to write a diary every day, then choose some words to look up in the thesaurus to see what alternate words may be used in their place. Anyway it’s hand written so I must try to make it legible as my writing is rather scrawly and difficult to read! I would type it but they might think I cheated! This may be a lengthy process!


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