Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

Since we like ginger so much, how about I throw it into some rhubarb jam!

2 1/4 lb/1kilo Rhubarb, trimmed

2 1/4 lb/1kilo Sugar

1 oz/25g bruised root ginger

100g/4 oz candied ginger

Wash the rhubarb. Chop it into small pieces. Put it into a bowl with the sugar, give it a good mix, cover and leave overnight.

The following day put the rhubarb and sugar into your jam pan (I used my pressure cooker without the lid) with the bruised root ginger (tied in muslin or cotton). Boil hard for 15 mins. Remove the muslin bag and add the candied ginger, cut into small pieces then reboil for 5 mins or until rhubarb is clear. Test for setting then pot into clean, sterilised, warmed jars.


Well I made the jam on Tuesday it is nice but I added a couple of table spoons of lemon juice for a bit more zing! I also decided that next time I make it I will not be leaving the rhubarb and sugar overnight since it seems to make it tough. I am going just lightly stew it then add the sugar and dissolve it as you would normally. The ginger seems to go tough too, maybe it’s me and I just boiled it too hard or for too long? Who knows? Well it’s set ok and the little man asked for it to be sandwiched between two ginger biscuits earlier, said it was yummy and asked for more! It must be ok ;-D


Candied Ginger

Candied Ginger is a favourite nibble of mine. It’s something to keep in the store cupboard.

Yesterday I decided that I would make a batch up. This is an old recipe that I have come by and it is really yummy.

I’m sorry to all the modern people out there who work in grams. I don’t, therefore you may need to use an on-line converter like this or this one.

9 oz fresh root ginger

6 oz granulated sugar

3 fl oz water

caster sugar for coating

Put the ginger in a pan, cover with water. Boil gently until tender, about 15 mins. Drain and peel when cool.  (If you peel while the skin is still soft it is much easier) Chop it into 1/4 inch slices or chunks, whatever your preference.

Use a pan large enough to take the amount of ginger and lots of space for volume (remember we are working with sugar and it can froth like mad if it gets too hot, cleaning burnt sugar from your hob is not fun). Put the sugar and the water into the pan, dissolve the sugar then cook over a low heat until a syrup has formed. This usually takes about 15 mins.

Add the chopped ginger and continue to cook over a low heat. You may shake the pan to prevent the ginger sticking but you don’t need to stir it.

When the ginger has absorbed all the syrup, place it onto a wire rack or a non-stick sheet (I use a re-usable cake tin liner). Leave it to cool and when it’s cool enough to handle you may coat it with sugar. Spread it out on some greaseproof paper for a couple of days until the sugar has crystallized. I just put it in the oven as it is cooling down after I cooked dinner, leaving the door open for any steam to escape. Don’t touch until the following day, keep your hands in your pockets as you pass by.  Store in an airtight glass jar.

I like the stuff and can think of many uses as well as me nibbling on it. Next time I make it I will double the quantities. Depending on how much you like it obviously is up to you how much you make. It keeps for a long time in a glass jar, unless like me you eat it!

The needlewoman

I found this magazine at the market last week.

dragon magazineIt was published in February 1936. It has done incredibly well as it is not dog eared or creased up, at all. I imagine it has sat in an elderly persons cupboard for quite some time. I wonder how many times it has been read and the patterns used.  For someone to keep it for so long maybe it was the cover that drew them in as it did me. 

The needlewoman cost me £1. Originally it had cost 6d which I think was a huge amount of money then. I believe even a weeks wage for some people!

dragon magazine 3

There are other nice things in this magazine. I have enjoyed looking at the old adverts and recipes too. I might have a go at making some of them soon.

dragon magazine 2

I love, love, love this dragon and I am going to stitch it onto something, perhaps a pillow or maybe put it into a picture frame. The original transfer is missing, and so gathering some greaseproof paper from the kitchen I began to trace over the design.

Come back soon to see to see dragon taking shape!

Rollup, rollup, get your odds and ends here!

We prepared ourselves to do a car-boot sale at the weekend. Our car was jam packed with stuff that we didn’t need anymore. “What is one man’s rubbish is another man’s gold” as they say!

We rescued a load of jigsaw puzzles from the top of the wardrobe, that we haven’t used for a while. Little fella says that I am not allowed to sell this one!

On to other things… Isn’t it strange how parents and children often choose to wear similar clothes on the same day. The little man and I both choose to wear holey jeans, not just that but the holes are in the same knee! These jeans are particularly old and we are just messing about in the garden so I guess we can be forgiven!

We did some chalking in the garden. We chalked everything we could see, and more! We chalked around plant pots and made sillouettes of the dog and ourselves. I think they look rather like the movies when the detective arrives on scene!

These are also something that the little man has made. We didn’t have any split pins so the little ties that you get with sandwich bags were a good substitute when shaped similarly!


Last of all, here is the egg shell crushing competition, who can crush the most?

“Why?” I hear you ask.

We use these all around the garden to stop the slugs and snails eating all our lovely plants. As soon as they see all that stuff they head off into next door’s garden!

We had a lovely weekend, hope you did too 🙂

Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday, 23 yrs old! That makes me feel like a relic! I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday.

It was our Bigger Man’s Birthday yesterday. We enjoyed chocolate brownies to celebrate, as we do every year. It’s his favourite of all favourites!

Little man and I made it in the morning. We ran out of butter and had to run to the shop to get some but that didn’t take long and we were soon back on track with lots of finger licking choccie goodness!



It’s been a while…

I haven’t blogged for about 2 weeks now, the shame. Oh well there is a bit for us to catch up with then!

We have spent a lot of time in the beautiful sunshine that we have been having recently. I filled the swimming pool (yes I said swimming pool, it’s too large to be a paddling pool!)  in the garden and we ate bbq’d tea almost every night. We also grazed on far too many ice creams and generally had a holiday at home.

 While the pool was filling we made a game of throwing these balls in and counting them. Ball fights and fishing, great fun!


The little man and I have ridden our bikes everywhere and walked the legs off the dog in the woods lots of times too.

I have rarely been sewing though, until now. The weather has turned and we are back indoors. I made these for my friend’s baby.

Little man did some of his own sewing too.

We scrumped these from next door’s cherry tree! I will be making some jam with those. That’s if there is enough left after everybody keeps eating them-me included! Mmmmm…

I have homework from school this week. I have to write a diary every day, then choose some words to look up in the thesaurus to see what alternate words may be used in their place. Anyway it’s hand written so I must try to make it legible as my writing is rather scrawly and difficult to read! I would type it but they might think I cheated! This may be a lengthy process!